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Range Snap

July 12, 2012 by CouesWhitetail in Gear with 0 Comments

This simple little product is designed to allow you to quickly and easily attach accessories like your rangefinder, GPS, or radio to your binocular strap or backpack strap. You just snap it on over the strap and attach the ring end to your accessory. Has a quick release snap in the middle so you can remove the item quickly if you like. This product keeps your range finder up by your eye for faster access.

This product was created by a member of the forum (Christian Williams, aka stalkincoues) and I met with him so he could show me his product.  I really liked it.  It’s simple, well made and very functional.  It’s very useful to keep gear handy so that you don’t have to stop and get it out of your pack whenever you want to use it.  You can watch a video made by Christian that shows how useful the Range Snap is.

Range Snap development story

Hello, my name is Christian and I am excited to share some information on a product that I have developed. It is called the Range Snap. The initial development of my product was to bring my range finder within inches of my eye so I always had quick and easy access to it in that split second when needed with minimal movement. As everyone knows, it is not always easy to get to your Range Finder when you need it. You can’t use the lanyard with your binoculars because it swings and hits your binoculars. Some people wear it differently or keep it in their shirt pocket. But it is not as accessible as it should be, I have tried.

My product attaches to your Range Finder and will snap to your binocular strap, backpack strap on any other thin piece of material. The Range Finder snaps on the front of your shoulder so you only have to move your hand and Range Finder just a few inches so you can use it. It comes with a secure strap that goes around your Range Finder and strap. This keeps your Range Finder from flopping around while hiking, running, crawling or any other vigorous movement. It has a quick disconnect so it slides right off. You can put your bow in front of you to camouflage your movement and get that quick Range when needed.

The reason that I do not have a Bull Elk that was pushing 400” on my wall was because I could not get to my Range Finder without the fear of spooking the Bull. It was very thick and the yardage was uncertain to me. I did not want to wound it so I had to let it walk. I would have given about anything at the time to have this developed at that moment. I actually looked very hard for a product like this before my hunt, and felt I may be hindered on the hunt. Unfortunately it happened as I dreaded.

I made a few for a hunting partner and I to use, as we both shared the same problem. As more friends saw them, they wanted one as well. Everyone said I needed to make more so I could market and sell them. All of my hunting partners and friends use them. We have been using these since 2005 with great success and won’t be in the field without them.

As time went on I have discovered more and more uses for them. There are many uses of the Range Snap. Use it to have quick and easy access to any accessory you will use frequently. I usually have 2-3 Range Snaps clipped on me at all times. 1-2 on my bino system and 1 on my backpack strap, or vise-a-versa. I use my two-way radio a lot. This keeps it high on my shoulder and don’t have to dig in my pocket when someone calls or I need to use it. Another accessory I use frequently is my GPS. I snap my GPS to my backpack strap when I am hiking and want the satellites to continue to track me. Otherwise I loose signal when I put it in my pocket.

I snap my camera, small video camera, tactical flashlight, varmint call and many other items so I have access to them when needed, and depending on the situation. This will also snap to your belt loop if needed. They will snap on and off when needed. Put it high or low on your straps. Snap it to your right or left side as needed. It is a very versatile and useful item to have.

I looked for years to find a product that would allow me to snap my Range Finder high on my shoulder so I had it at all times. I searched the web, stores, and asked everyone I knew if they had ever heard of a product like this. I could not find anything that suited my needs so I was forced to develop the Range Snap on my own.

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