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  2. no worries

    Anyone else hunting the 30A (Oct. 26)

    I've only been able to scout 3 times due to something called work. I plan on heading down Wed. night and doing one last scout on Thursday. Lot's of locked gates everywhere.
  3. Are bears the type of animal to blow out of the country after being spooked or shot at?
  4. Yotslayer

    Anyone else hunting the 30A (Oct. 26)

    Got the October 26th hunt and from everything I see access is very limited big deer hard to get to.
  5. More D

    Son’s first Elk

    Nice! Congratulations!
  6. Today
  7. Here's an old Winchester that seen a lot of work. I haven't fired this one but it seems solid and looks like it works as it should. Pretty cool piece of history. $450 Located in south Tempe area.
  8. youngdon

    Set of Ping i3 O-size Irons. 4-PW $120

    Man used clubs long before he used guns......
  9. SO I HUNT

    Son’s first Elk

    Nice congratulations to you and your son.
  10. no worries

    2 pairs of Vortex Vultures 15x56 $300 each

    Yours. Pm me and we can work out the details. Or reach me on my cell at 520 349-2926.
  11. Mathews

    Sig range finders

    They’re also on eBay for $150 new
  12. 36Bjunkie

    Son’s first Elk

    Opening day my son got it done. It was about 0725 when Seth spotted 4 elk about 600yards out. And would you know it we were right in the middle of a clearing totally exposed. We both took a knee and wait to see when they were going to do. Luck must have been on our side as the 4 elk (3cows 1bull ) started to run toward us. They were closing the gap fast. In about 4 minutes they were right on top of us. My son asked if I could make them stop so I tried a cow call; they took 3 more steps and stopped. As soon as she stopped my boy let the 140gr fly and it hit its spot. After she fell I ranged her to see just how far of a shot it was lol it was a whole 27yards .
  13. bonecollector

    WTB Swaro 12's

  14. bigorange

    Caliche and Auroras 2018 youth hunt

    Good stuff. Bummer on Aurora, but sounds like a good experience for everyone.
  15. KBarter

    Set of Ping i3 O-size Irons. 4-PW $120

    These are still available.
  16. Beaton

    Caliche and Auroras 2018 youth hunt

    I was up on the youth deer hunt. I saw your truck parked a couple different places. Congratulations!
  17. $200 now... Just sitting here, needs a good home.
  18. huntin1005

    Badlands Sacrifice Pack

  19. BlairHunter

    Kids 2018 Youth Hunt

    Oh ya.. Little sister has the bragging rights and she is letting him have it every chance she gets! HA HA HA

    drop tine bucks - how rare are they?

    there out there....buddy of mine kilked one last year with dt-kicker....one of the biggest dt i ve ever seen
  21. colthutton

    Eberlystock dragonfly ii

  22. CatfishKev

    Caliche and Auroras 2018 youth hunt

    After the fog cost her a shot! Face says it all. Saving her dog from the 5 mile hike. All in all I had still had a blast with my little girl. I love this kids tenacity.
  23. CatfishKev

    Caliche and Auroras 2018 youth hunt

    Auroras hunt was not so easy. I dont know what it is but it seems like every one of her hunts is tough. We did find a nice little 8pt whitetail with sort of an orangeish chocolate color to his horns. She decided that was her buck. First day we lost him in the thick stuff. Next day we found them and waited for them to bed in the rain. Once bedded we got to within 350 yards and waited for them to get up since we couldn't see them bedded. We got set up and waited patiently in the rainmwhile fog was slowly moving in. Just as they were getting up and we were setting upmfor the shot the fog obscured them while they walked in to heavy cover. That was agonizing! Next morning we got there a bit late but I found them right away on the hill closest to us. We hustled to the edge of a ravine and got to 287 yards. Set up for the shot. I let her take a dry shot at him and she was ready. While loading the next round and finding him the scope something on the hill spooked them and they bolted! Luckily he stopped at 350 right between some trees with a quartering away shot. She squeezed and i could tell she hit him but not where. We basically spent her last two days of the hunt and half of the 3rd day (friday) trying to find this deer. We find the trail and lose it, then find it etc. Never had good blood and we went at least a mile. On the third day we didn't see any scavengers around so I'm confident it was not a fatal shot and maybe she'll have another chance next. Poor kid was pretty bummed.
  24. buckshotaz

    Carson tandem-axle trailer

    Nice looking trailer, but I am interested in the rack on the back of your Pioneer! Where did you find it?
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