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  1. CouesWhitetail

    FYI re: Prescott Valley Deer Herd

    Thanks for posting this....I meant to do it and saw you did it already
  2. They might never have been found if the fire hadn't started. Wow, that photo in one of the articles of the wreckage and that cliff are shocking.
  3. CouesWhitetail

    Hydrographics tank

    Awesome! Excellent use of stickers
  4. CouesWhitetail

    Any antler buyers?

    Call Josh or Alan http://azantleraddiction.com/we-buy-antlers-contact-us/
  5. flyer says local brewery in Central Phx and when you register they give you specific location.
  6. CouesWhitetail

    My 1st Goat

    Well, let's hope you love it! We loved it, but then we love lamb too
  7. CouesWhitetail

    My 1st Goat

    Congratulations! Antelope is great eating!!
  8. Have you been thinking about becoming a mentor to someone who wants to learn how to hunt? If so, you might really enjoy and benefit from attending the Becoming a Hunting Mentor Trivia and Pint Night at a local brewery. For more info see attached flyer or contact : Ryan Conat rconat@nwtf.net Cell: (920) 250-2647 2018 Hunting Mentor Trivia Flyer_V3.pdf
  9. CouesWhitetail

    Where you born in Arizona?

    fyi, here is the restored original thread http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/81637-where-you-born-in-arizona-original-thread/
  10. CouesWhitetail

    Friends Archery Bull elk down

    Love those dark antlered bulls! Congratulations to you and your friend!
  11. CouesWhitetail

    Tree Stand accident

    Hope the person is OK.
  12. CouesWhitetail

    Where you born in Arizona?

    Turns out the original poster of the thread removed it. I have restored it and deleted some of the posts that were derailing the thread. fyi, if anyone sees content that is a problem in any thread, you can report it to me or other moderators and we can take care of it. You don't have to delete your own threads just because of a couple bad posts. To report a post, look in the upper right corner of the post for the "report post" text link, click on it and report what the issue is.
  13. CouesWhitetail

    Where you born in Arizona?

    I don't know what happened to it. I will check with Stan. Last time I read the thread it was fine and very interesting. I didn't know it became a problem.
  14. CouesWhitetail

    Where you born in Arizona?

    My husband and I used to catch carp, smoke them on the grill, then debone and make fish sandwiches that were awesome! It's actually really good eating. In Europe carp is considered a delicacy and a sportfish like trout.
  15. CouesWhitetail

    Have you seen or know this guy?

    Wow, that's crazy! Article says unprovoked attack! I am so sorry for your cousin.