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  1. no worries

    2 pairs of Vortex Vultures 15x56 $300 each

    Both Binos are sold pending funds.
  2. no worries

    2 pairs of Vortex Vultures 15x56 $300 each

    I’ve got one guy who committed by text at 4 pm. You are in line behind him if the deal falls thru. Thx Jim
  3. no worries

    Anyone else hunting the 30A (Oct. 26)

    I've only been able to scout 3 times due to something called work. I plan on heading down Wed. night and doing one last scout on Thursday. Lot's of locked gates everywhere.
  4. no worries

    2 pairs of Vortex Vultures 15x56 $300 each

    Yours. Pm me and we can work out the details. Or reach me on my cell at 520 349-2926.
  5. I have a couple of Vortex Vultures 15x56 binoculars that my kids used. They survived pretty well. No chinks in the armor and the lenses are good. Some of the lens covers are missing and you can have Vortex replace them for free. I should have all the boxes, padded cases , etc. that they came with. $300 each Located in Tucson Thanks , Jim
  6. no worries

    Pig Saddle Like new $100

  7. no worries

    Pig Saddle Like new $100

    Olive color pig saddle in like new condition. Original box included. $100 located in Tucson
  8. no worries

    Son’s first elk

    Great memories there. Nice to see that Darren shoots lefty with a right handed rifle, I'm not the only odd ball. LOL
  9. no worries

    Kids 2018 Youth Hunt

    A couple of great bucks. Her buck has really cool stripes by the eyes. Good teamwork.
  10. no worries

    SoAZ Bucks - the somewhat big and somewhat different

    Cool. Thanks for sharing.
  11. no worries

    Wife's First Elk Hunt

    That's a tough first elk hunt. Nice work staying with it. Nice bull and 200 plus with a muzzy is solid shooting.
  12. no worries

    rifle for wife

    Go to a shop with a large selection and let her pick out one that fits her and feels right. Shoulder a bunch of them, even if they are the wrong caliber. You’ll get an idea of what she likes. I would stick to 6.5 CM or 7-08. Fun to shoot and you don’t need a brake. If you need more horsepower later, buy her another rifle. 😁
  13. no worries

    NEED HELP setting up leupold 2800

    The user manual is available on their website if you don't have one. Look under products. rangefinders, 2800, product resources.
  14. no worries

    Daughter's First Elk

    Glad to hear that she is doing better and congrats on a fine elk.
  15. no worries

    We did OK

    Congrats on a 3 for 3 hunt. Nice work.