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  1. knothead

    Female Lions

    For those of us that have been alive and hunting deer since 70's know the deer populations really took a nose dive when they banned trapping around 91 or 92. There was once a time when you could go to any unit that holds elk in this state and see way more deer than elk. As a matter of fact it wasn't even close. Those trappers kept the lions and coyotes in serious check. I buy a tag every year and in 40 years I have seen a total of two lions. One in 33 three years ago and one in 6a this past September. Still waiting for my first shot opportunity.
  2. knothead

    more rain

    Prdatr, what is your email address? Tried to send you a PM but it says you can't receive them.
  3. knothead

    WTB youth left handed compound bow

    still looking
  4. knothead

    6a goat

    How did the 6a hunt go?
  5. knothead

    WTB youth left handed compound bow

    jjacks2, PM sent
  6. knothead

    WTB youth left handed compound bow

    still looking
  7. I am looking for a youth left handed starter compound bow for my 8 year old nephew. He is on the smaller side. My son is left handed but I gifted all his old bows to other people so now I am looking for another. Text me with what you have. Thanks john 623-680-4458 North Peoria
  8. How did the 6a antelope hunt go.  were they successful?  where id you end up hunting?  any pics?

  9. knothead

    new draw format sucks

    The state legislature would have to change our banking/finance laws in order for your hope of paying up front ever to happen. It is not a g&F issue. I also doubt G&F has any desire to do anything that will possibly reduce the number of people that apply for hunts. They have salaries to pay and bills to pay and at $13 a pop it would definitely affect their bottom line. They make way more money off of application fees than tag fees. I also agree with what has been said above. The old way was easier. Why can't we log in once and then select all the hunts we want all at once? Too much repetition IMO.
  10. knothead

    More trail camera thief's...

    just curious but did you have your blind cable locked up? I lock my blind up when I leave it out but it would not be too difficult to get around the lock. Have not had a blind stolen but I have had some cameras taken. I look forward to the day when we are able to start getting pics or the perps.
  11. knothead

    WTB 7mm mag rifle

    Sorry, but I have been away for a while. Thanks for all the replies and I gave him all the messages and I believe he has made a few contacts.
  12. knothead

    WTB 7mm mag rifle

    I have a friend who contacted me and asked If I know of anyone who wants to sell a 7mm mag rifle. Not sure of make. If you have one for sale please let me know and I will get him in contact with you. He lives around 35th ave and happy valley rd. Text me John 623-680-4458
  13. knothead

    Outfitter tent and Kelty pack

    Tent is sold. Still have the Kelty pack. $40
  14. knothead

    Outfitter tent and Kelty pack

    open to reasonable offers