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  1. grey curse

    How Die Hard Of A Hunter are you??

    I’d say as a hunter around 7. Just spent 12 days on an archery tag Utah. Came home and started preparing the wire for scouting trips for Coues. Would love to be a 10 which I feel would take my harvest to the next trophy level butttt between work 50-70 hr weeks, club baseball , high school football wrestling and track. Plus let’s not forget a great wife that puts up with my obsession. Yeah 7 might be pushing it. But at heart is a different story.
  2. grey curse

    Just a little overkill

    Dang not a lot of meat on those goats as is. At least there’s a free cape in The classified section
  3. grey curse

    Interesting Buck Part 2.....

    Wow that’s amazing. I would have never seen him turning into that.
  4. You practice and practice year round for the one day to come. The day a toad of a deer that you’ve been dreaming about ,waiting for and chasing comes within range and you choke to buck fever. I hate it but at the same time that rush is so addicting.
  5. grey curse

    Remington 700 titanium 7 saum

    Nice rig, I’ve always wanted an Remington 700 titanium and to top it off in a 7 saum. Good luck on the sale of rifle. I’ll pay the dollar difference and just take the scope 😜
  6. grey curse

    Drop Tine Coues

    ^^^ why does it seam like the new guys kill great bucks their first few years of hunting Coues. Is it because they dont really know what they are doing but find the old bucks hid outs. Always amazes me to see the new guy holding a 100+ deer saying these Coues deer arent that hard to hunt.
  7. grey curse

    Lt315/75r16 Pro comp AT tires

  8. grey curse

    Lt315/75r16 Pro comp AT tires

  9. grey curse

    I drew 12aw late hunt.

    I had the early hunt in 12aw a few years ago. Up High there are lots of roads and rd hunters. Hike a little, get away from the norm and glass. Youll be surprised whats out there and how lazy people are. I Imagine down low is the same as up high Good luck.
  10. grey curse

    Lt315/75r16 Pro comp AT tires

    Still available
  11. grey curse

    Lt315/75r16 Pro comp AT tires

    Try $450 obo
  12. grey curse

    Lt315/75r16 Pro comp AT tires

  13. grey curse

    Lt315/75r16 Pro comp AT tires

    Just pulled them off my 02 F250 super duty. Tires have about 50% tread still on them, no plugs or patches. Comes with Mickey Thompson wheels and lugs. Located in Tucson. $500
  14. Was fortunate enough to draw the limited opportunity archery hunt in west Vernon. Super excited since Ive been applying for ten years now. Have a brother lives in Utah doing some scouting for me, think his more excited then I am. Just wondering if anyone on cw has hunted this area and what their experience was. Maybe a successful story or two with pictures. Not looking for secret spots, just what to expect from others hunters and deer potential. Thanks
  15. grey curse

    Check out this trail cam vid

    The only one that opened was the last one. Good looking bear, he pretty much feel into that mud hole.