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  1. Rock30golf

    9mm carbine

    Whats your thoughts and a 9mm carbine for pig hunting?
  2. Rock30golf

    Wildlife research super charged sent killer 1 gallon

    51st ave and olive It is unopened
  3. Rock30golf

    Wildlife research super charged sent killer 1 gallon

    I don't know how good this stuff works
  4. I am located in glendale, New one gallon bottle of sent killer $10. Call or text or PM 928-205-5864
  5. Rock30golf

    Draw results

    just got hit..... 21 ham i thinlk
  6. Rock30golf

    Glock 17 9mm

    How many rounds threw it?
  7. Rock30golf

    Ford F-250 7.3 powerstroke 4x4

    Well that didn't last long.
  8. Rock30golf

    Vortex Viper Hd 15x50 Price drop $400

    How big of a diffrence between the viper and the kaibab?
  9. Rock30golf


    Well that would be cool, but not the hunt i am looking for lol
  10. Rock30golf

    November in 6A

    I got a october hunt in 6a, I have only seen a couple of bucks, find the one place you would not want to hunt and hunt their. They are their the farther south you go the better in my opinion
  11. Rock30golf

    Little Girl First Time Kaibab Doe

    Just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Rock30golf

    23 youth got it done.

    10 years old and got it done!!!!! He missed this deer the first shot, but didnt give up. The deer doubled back and gave him a second shot, dropped him in his tracks. I was a nervous wreck, I was afraid that he would shoot a doe, one buck in with 10 does. Every time he thought he had a clear shot anouther doe whould get in the way. He took him time and waited for the right time. He and I were over welmed with emotions, smiles,laughter, some tears, Just one awesome time.
  13. Rock30golf

    6a Help

    Any elk, champ hunt oct 27th
  14. Rock30golf

    *Updated 9/5* Bear Skull Cleaning Finished!!!

    How do i get a hold of you. I have a mule deer skull that i want a euro done
  15. Rock30golf

    Taurus 740 Slim .40 caliber pistol

    I have a taurus 709 slim and i love it. Great conseal piece.