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  1. lamrith

    the 34s

    Good luck on your hunt too, let us know how it goes.
  2. lamrith

    Wyo is cool!!

    Congrats Duck!! Sounds like a great trip! My Stepdad went up for a deer hunt a week and half ago and they did well on it, though not as well as your crew! Wow, that Yeti is small. any idea how much meat you had or how much those Goats weighed? Same size, bigger, smaller than a Coues?
  3. Well I am heading to 34A in Nov for a coues hunt. Also bringing an Ecaller with plans to do some predator management if possible. I have never predator hunted before, or used an ecaller, but the one I have allows download of sounds to it and has good sized memory (.wav&.mp3). So what are the recommended go-to sounds I should look for and load up? I was thinking Jackrabbit in distress and a couple other sounds, as well as fawn in distress, yote in distress. Any other recommended ones, or particular types of yote howls/barks that work well? Maybe other game sounds? My hope is to get some yotes, maybe get lucky and have a cat slink in.
  4. lamrith

    Smoker recomendations

    Get a pellet smoker of some sort. your $ range is sort of the low end of things, so you will not get the nice features like PID controller, but it gets you a start and there are aftermarket controllers you can buy later to upgrade if you want. Pellet grills will not put out the heavy smoke profile like a stick, elect or propane smoker. BUT it is a nice subtle flavor that does not bother those that do not like smoked food. Better yet they are ultra flexible cookers and can do everything. Anything you bake, can cook on pellet smoker, plus low N Slow, and some of them also will get higher temps (500*) so you can even grill on them. Make sure you get a good pellet, that can really make a difference. Most pellets on west coast are 60-80% alder and the rest is the flavor on the bag. There are a few brands that are pure 100% flavor wood like Lumberjack (I am a dealer), BBQ Delight, and Cookin pellets are the ones I know of.
  5. lamrith

    34A "lowlands"?

    Thanks. Yeah that is my Idaho bear from last year. Finally got a game animal down so had to change avatar for the hunting sites. I am hoping to maybe break from them as some point and at least head up the hills right there by camp some as well.
  6. lamrith

    34A "lowlands"?

    We are north of those areas, but based on what I am hearing, I will be grabbing a tag on the way form airport to camp.
  7. lamrith

    34A "lowlands"?

    So they act like elk. always downwind.. Thanks for that tip.
  8. lamrith

    34A "lowlands"?

    Thanks Duck! Great to see you on here!! I am going back to the same place my family always runs south of where you took us a few years back. It is just what they know and they pulled a nice buck out last year. I did upgrade my glass though (see other post here) so I have higher quality and plan to hopefully hop over a few ridges to get away form the dirtracks and glass for coues. If I tag out I do plan to call for yotes and anything else that comes in.
  9. lamrith

    34A "lowlands"?

    Thanks I appreciate the info. We are going to be in the SW area of the unit. I have heard there have been a few cat sightings near town out by Tubac. Just hung up with AZFGD, apparently you cannot buy the ML tag over phone or online, has to be in person at a F&G dealer.
  10. lamrith

    34A "lowlands"?

    Yeah I know they can be pretty sneaky buggers from how they are up here. So many people have them very close and just never know it. But we are pretty heavily forested which is perfect for them. I just did not know if they frequented the lower ocitillo and scrub brush type areas all the time or stayed up in the hills.
  11. lamrith

    34A "lowlands"?

    Just a PNW based hunter with a question about Hunting lions in 34A. I am joining family on a Early Nov Hunt. I know they stay in the "lowlands" relatively speaking. I will be in the SW section of the unit, in the 4400-5000ft mark where it is more desert than the higher elevations which are trees. They have never seen a cougar in the area we will be hunting. However I have heard from a fellow hunter on another forum that there have been a number of cat sightings in southern section of unit closer to Nogales... I plan to coyote hunt if I tag out on deer early, so will be calling a bit, just not sure if the cats venture down that low in the unit? I am wondering if any of your pro's on here have any input on recent sightings, etc and if it would be worth it to pickup a tag. They are a bit spendy given I am out of state hunter, so I don't want to grab one if the cats just don't normally hang in that environment.
  12. Incredible shot, specially with a ML. Congrats on a great Buck and thanks for sharing.
  13. lamrith

    Shipping Taxi when Travelling to hunt.

    I greatly appreciate the input and I can see and agree with both sides of Chef and Davehc130's points. Thank you both. This is not a one time only hunt by any means, this will be my second in 3 yrs and I plan to continue to hunt them as much as possible. I have a family member in AZ and he draws almost every year, I just don't have the opportunity to get the time off for it that often. I am not hoping for a monster or a booner, just trying to get options and plans laid out ahead of time rather than scrambling once I have something down. What I want/do will largely depend on what I get down. A Spike, not sure if I will do anything at all. If it is a middle of the road Coues, I may just do a Euro, if it is a big one then I will probably go for a full mount. Chances are that if it is more than a spike I will go ahead and cape it out and get it on ice then iron out the final plan. I have a good Taxi up here in WA, he does mounts from all over the world and just does incredible work. I was in his shop last year and very impressed with his work. I also have a very good guy up here to do Euro's, he did my bear last year and it come out incredible. My real drive for doing it up here is quite simply having a more personal touch and relationship with the taxi. I have been to these guys shops, and seen their work. There are bad Taxi's everywhere, and even good taxi's have problems once in a while. With my local guys if there is an issue I can drive over and address it face to face. It is just not something that can be done when my mount is 1000's if miles away.
  14. lamrith

    Shipping Taxi when Travelling to hunt.

    Sounds straight forward and the same as my last hunt. I froze the meat solid and had a small cooler that went in checked baggage for the flight home. What about the antlers/rack? I cannot see them letting those as carry on due to size restrictions, I could also see them treat the "pointy" antlers as a possible weapon?
  15. I am curious how some of you out of state Coues addicts handle getting your cape / racks back home to be taxidermied when you are flying in for a hunt? I have an AZ Coues hunt in Nov and am hoping to get a good handle on logistics before I might need them. I am flying to/from on SW, but it would be nice to get general info that may help people with other airlines. I know there are a number of very good taxidermists in AZ, but I would much prefer to have my "trophy" with me, local to me when it is being worked on. There are just too many horror stories when it comes to taxidermy I am not comfortable having it being worked on 1000mi+ away. Not only will I have a better relationship with my taxidermist from using them for local game, but also if there is a problem I am close and can deal with it in person. What needs to be done, do you freeze and overnight it via common carrier, do the same and check baggage? I recall there was a big uproar after the whole trophy lion in Africa debacle a few years ago and I think some airlines and shipping Co no longer will handle game?