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  1. bishup

    Co. Mule deer?

    whats the cost for achery hunt? Do they do a over the counter tags for archery?
  2. bishup

    10x42 vs 12x50

    I really like my 12x50 a lot. I freehand most of the time with them. But I got myself a tripod a couple of years back that has a single pole inside. It's perfect.
  3. bishup

    Pope and Young Bucks

    i was able to read your story on Muley Crazy. That is one cool story
  4. bishup

    Vortex Diamondbacks 10x42 review

    I like my 12x as we'll
  5. bishup

    RUT REPORT 2016

    whats the word mocking bird? How did you do out in 17B hope better then us.
  6. bishup


    I did that a couple of years ago on a rifle hunt. I know the feeling and it sucks. Sorry
  7. bishup

    20C Youth Javalina Hunt

    check PM
  8. bishup

    Worms in Mule Deer skull

    My girlfriends grandfather and his buddy killed 2 bucks in oct. when i took them up to the same unit. I have killed like over 10 bucks from this unit and never seen them before. So I freak out when i cut into the head.. Does it bug the deer? When we 1st spotted him bedded down he was chewing with his eyes closed almost like he can feel them crawling around.
  9. bishup

    My first archery kill!

    This had to be one of the best hunts i was on. Most people dont understand it or take the time to. But hunter do. This Buck was meant for James jaymzth007 to kill. Almost can tell there was a higher power putting us in the right place at the right time. To spot that buck at 230 then loose him but then to find him again in all that brush at like 4. And for me to some how use my Navy seal skills (im sure i look like a idot out there) and some how James was able to walk James right to the buck and get that shot. My girlfriend and I came up with she looks at James and i keep an eye on the buck. So everytime James will look at us she will say OK GIL he is looking. When i he got like 40 yards My girlfriend and I where freaking out with excitment as the buck got up my girlfriend say James drew back. And my binos was on that buck i seen the arrow fly thru my bino and stop and that buck just drop. My girl called it she said it was meant to be. Everything played out perfect. For sure James dad had a big part in it for sure. And im super thankful i was there to witness it all go down. And your right mulepackhunter to many people worry about trophies and not the fun in hunting. I killed a 200 plus buck last year and what was the most important thing on that hunt was the people i was with and the people i met. And this buck will be a trophie for James. And will go down as one of the best hunts of my time. lol
  10. bishup

    RUT REPORT 2016

    We were at 20C on Saturday on top of the mountain. Seen 3 doe and a tall 2x2 that my buddy took out. It was one of the coolest hunts i have been on. Dont want to take his thunder but I can say jaymzth007 got it done. We didnt see any rut going on in 17B we seen about 8 plus doe with no bucks. Had a blast on this hunt.
  11. bishup

    RUT REPORT 2016

    He was nice! We will get him this weekend
  12. bishup

    RUT REPORT 2016

    Why you gotta bring up old sh!# Gil? Lol. LOL you better make it up this weekend? Make sure there is no twigs in front of this next buck.
  13. bishup

    RUT REPORT 2016

    just got a report from 20A and they said its on. Mybuddy seen a 5x4 over 30 inches and a 6x6 over 30 inches.
  14. bishup

    RUT REPORT 2016

    i took my buddy up to my spot in 20C and he miss a really nice 4x4. That was in December a week before the jr hunt started and he was with a bunch of doe. The next weekend we seen doe but no bucks with them. He was on another real nice 2x2 but the buck went into the tick brush.
  15. bishup

    Desert Mule Deer

    nice looking deer. congrates