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  1. mattys281

    7W Archery Bull Elk tag to be donated

    Anniversaries too. Mine is 8/27. First couple years the wife said she didn't mind me being gone for archery deer.... there's a different song playing these days.
  2. mattys281

    Friends Archery Bull elk down

    very nice bull, congrats to him.
  3. mattys281

    First Elk Down!

    Awesome! Congrats to you guys!
  4. mattys281

    Hunting Coues archery

    I read an interview with Chuck Adams years ago where he said spot & stalk coues is the toughest bowhunt on the continent. If ole Chuck thinks they're tough, you know they've got some skills. That having been said, I do think coues deer are easier to kill than a muley, if you sit an ambush. Spot & stalk though, coues are much tougher to creep up on, at least that's been my experience.
  5. mattys281

    My 1st Goat

    Very nice! Congrats.
  6. mattys281

    The First of Many

    Outstanding buck! Congrats.
  7. mattys281

    Any archery camps still at it?

    Awesome buck, congrats!
  8. mattys281

    Any archery camps still at it?

    We've got a couple bachelor herds in the area that have some real nice bucks in them. It's against my nature to hold my fire when there's a perfectly good deer right in front of me, but knowing that those big boys are out there, plus having a November rifle tag in my pocket, I'm planning on holding out for something worthy of a shoulder mount. Have to be a 8 point or better. At least that's what I say now, last couple days of a hunt those 6 pointers start looking reaaaaaaaaaaally tasty...
  9. mattys281

    Any archery camps still at it?

    I'm leaving tomorrow and will be hunting Sunday-Thursday. Good luck & be safe out there.
  10. mattys281

    How do you nuke an old salt lick?

    If he's got a rut hunt, he likely won't see any. If he has a post rut hunt, his odds are pretty good on that salt lick. I'll be heading back over there this weekend for last week of the hunt. Planning on spending as much time as I can in my 'hot seat' treestand that has produced a 113" coues for me a few years ago and a 90ish for my buddy this year. If I tag out early enough, I'll head back over & leave a note for this guy on his camera and try to make contact. If I don't tag early enough (or at all), then I'll just wait and see if his camera is up again next year. I've already pulled my stuff off that lick for the year, so it's all his until next summer.
  11. Awesome buck Dylan! Congrats, and welcome to the site.
  12. Hunted up here by my place in Prescott yesterday evening and today. Probably saw some where in between 15-20 muleys. Only spike bucks, nothing to hang a tag on. Saw quite a few spotted fawns with their mamas. Love seeing the little ones! Great time of year to sit in a tree
  13. mattys281

    Fall away rest help

    I’ve got a ripcord on one of my bows. As mentioned, cut those dang prongs down and your problem will be solved. That plastic launcher arm is an issue in its own right. my two primary bows have vapor trail limb drivers on them. If you’re going to use a drop away, use a limb driver. They are much more reliable than anything requiring springs to pull it out of the way of a fast moving arrow.
  14. I think people believe their camps and noise disturb deer a lot more than they do. Especially in the case of wilderness deer. Ive been 8 miles deep in the mazatzal and had two herds of deer walk into my camp to stare at my little fire from less than 10 yards away within 30 minutes of each other. Had a forky buck walk dang near right up to us when we were camped by a creek making breakfast in the morning one time. Last year I had a doe and her fawn walk right up to me when I was going up a tree in a climber. Deer are very curious critters. In my experience your much more likely to spook them out by moving through an area. I usually sleep right at my glassing spot if I’m using binos and if I’m sitting an ambush, I’ll be within 100-200 yards of it so I don’t make too much noise going in. I’ve even slept in my ground blind before and still seen deer the next day.
  15. mattys281

    Another Camera Vandal

    I’ve often had them snotted up by elk. Bear are the worst (next to people that is). I think the electronics give off some kind of faint smell they are curious about. If there’s elk around, you need to hang them high, above 6 feet they usually don’t bother with them. A bear box can keep them from moving them, but they’ll still snot the lense up sometimes