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    Texas music, bow hunting, waterfowl hunting, fishing, and lifting weights.
  1. Slack40

    Results up!

    Drew my first tag.. 6A late rifle bull!
  2. Slack40

    Day One Results

    Late rifle bull tag for me! Either 5B or 6A.
  3. Slack40

    Regs are out

    6a-6.3%5b-8.4% Thank you!
  4. Slack40

    Regs are out

    6A bull elk late rifle resident 1 bonus point 5B bull elk late rifle resident 1 bonus point
  5. Slack40

    Quail Hunt

    Are there any quail within an hour or so of Flagstaff?
  6. Slack40

    Sandhill crane decoys

    I use old snow goose rags for my spreads back in Texas. We get them quite a bit on our property with 60 acres of winter wheat. Spray painted the rags grey and used longer stakes to put them in the ground. Seems to work alright.
  7. Slack40

    7E archery cow tag

    PM Sent.
  8. Slack40

    Offering Help On The Pack Out

    If anyone is around 11M, or close to Flag that needs some help packing out, extra set of eyes, whatever the case may be. I'd love to tag along.
  9. Slack40

    2017 DOVE!!!

    I scratched out 6 last night. Not a ton of birds flying, but saw a few big groups on my way out after sunset. Figures.
  10. Slack40

    2017 DOVE!!!

    Hunting down in the Verde Valley this afternoon. Anyone else going to be down that way?
  11. Slack40

    2017 DOVE!!!

    Anybody hunting within an hour of Flagstaff on Friday morning? Would be great to tag along for the morning hunt before heading Tucson for the game. Thanks
  12. Slack40

    cooler air and rain, any bugles yet?

    No bugles yet, but found the first rubs of the year Sunday morning. The velvet was still on the ground and in the tree.
  13. Slack40

    Hide tanning near Flagstaff

    Went home to Texas this last weekend for the 4th, and was able to shoot an axis to put some meat in the freezer! I'm wanting to get the hide tanned for a throw over a couch, anybody know of anyone in Flagstaff that does that?
  14. Slack40

    OTC Turkey near Flagstaff

    I get back in town Sunday afternoon, probably make a few runs out during the week. I was out yesterday scouting, found this..
  15. Slack40

    OTC Turkey near Flagstaff

    Any reports on 6A, are the birds still talking early?