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  1. 300RUM

    Motorola CP 200 5 watt radios

    I gave up on sporting good store radios and started running HAM equipment. I am curious what kind of line of sight range are you getting out of those?
  2. 300RUM

    Hunting radios

    The baofeng is not a bad little radio. A co-worker and I have ham licenses and talk through a repeater on our drive to work. He just got a new truck and has not installed his radio yet. He has been talking on his baofeng handheld and getting good contact with the repeater from close to 25 miles. The audio is good. Obviously you're not going to get anywhere near 25 miles between two radios.
  3. 300RUM

    Hunting radios

    High quality hand held radios can be programmed to operate on FRS/GMRS frequencies that the cheaper handheld's use. These frequencies do not require a HAM licence. You can program many radios yourself with a free downloadable program called Chirp.
  4. 300RUM

    Tag Soup

    Tag Soup Yes, that culinary disaster that most of us are likely familiar with. Depending on the tag used to produce it the taste can be anywhere from slightly unpleasant to something that could gag a maggot. I currently find myself brewing a batch that should prove to be rather disgusting from my 5B South archery bull tag. So how do I season this concoction to make it more palatable? That might take a little thought. Well, let me see. I did spend a couple of weeks in the woods. I got to hunt elk. There were a couple of good chances to stalk a real nice bull, which is what I was after. There was the sound of hooves coming down a game trail. I knocked an arrow and then got to watch antelope stop and graze 30 yards in front of me. I got to see them a number of times in the following days. A fat little porcupine kept peeking around a tree trunk as he climbed to safety. I enjoyed the company of both my father and my hunting partner of 30 years. Oh, I got paid to do all this. Well that should do it, where’s my spoon…..
  5. Well, you got them started. Before you know it they will be bagging some deer & elk.
  6. 300RUM

    Arizona/New Mexico test question?

    Another fine example of why it is often called the ninth circus Court.
  7. Could be ASARCO. They hold the rights to some old mines in the area.
  8. 300RUM

    Right handed left eye dominant shooter?

    We might have been on the assembly line at the same time.
  9. 300RUM

    Urine-addicted goats

    So, if you had a tag would taking a leak be considered baiting?
  10. 300RUM

    Right handed left eye dominant shooter?

    I'm partially right handed, partially left handed and left eye dominant. I shoot rifles and Bows left handed. I carry and draw a pistol right-handed but aim with my left eye. I do have both eyes open. As long as he can shoot accurately I'd let him go with whatever feels the most natural to him.
  11. 300RUM

    Hitchhiking Quail

    Looks like I get an "F" in baby bird identification. My parents have a large lot that is natural desert. My father and I have a number of trailers and some equipment parked along one side of the lot. There are always a bunch of quail hanging out underneath them enjoying the shade. I don't see many doves around the trailers so I just kind of assumed the baby was a quail. Oops.
  12. 300RUM

    Hitchhiking Quail

    I left from Chandler and arrived up near Mormon Lake to set up elk camp and discovered I had an unexpected passenger. A baby quail. Mom had decided to build her nest on top of some jerry cans stowed on a somewhat sheltered location of my trailer. It must have been a terrifying ride. Feeling sorry for the little bird I picked some seeds and caught a few bugs in an attempt to provide dinner. A washcloth was provided as a blanket for his first "cold" night. He didn't make it till morning.
  13. 300RUM

    Guys heres is my bull..

    Nice job. I'm still hard at work finishing up a hunt that is probably going to end up being tag soup.
  14. 300RUM

    Any bulls down

    I'm I'm 5B South and it's been a tough hunt. Going to stick it out till the end. If I fail it will be a self imposed failure. I have had some good shots at smaller 6x6's and passed. We will see what opportunities the last few days present.
  15. 300RUM

    7W Archery Bull Elk tag to be donated

    Just climbed up to my "phone booth" on the way back to camp to see what is going on outside of my little elk hunting world. Tom, it's great to hear the tag could be matched to a deserving vet.