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  1. youngdon

    NEED HELP setting up leupold 2800

    1 (800) 538-7653 Leupold customer service
  2. youngdon

    Bear rug prices !!!!! Need help please

    I've seen some of Dales work!!!! awesome!!
  3. youngdon

    Right handed left eye dominant shooter?

    You're not alone Lefty. I do everything right handed except shoot long guns, pool and scratch my right butt cheek and elbow. Left eye dominance and right handed guns are not an issue. Thankfully for him left handed guns are much more readily available now than they were when I was his age should he go that way.
  4. youngdon

    Need Party items

    The place where you buy the kegs may have one for rent. Usually a tub of ice will do the trick as the keg draws from the bottom.
  5. youngdon

    Looking For

    I have a Savage Axis 22-250 we could talk about in PM's. I've only put about a dozen rounds through it. Only selling because I bought a Ruger #1 in 22-250 I'm just down the street in Goodyear
  6. youngdon


    That's a good deal on a great gun.
  7. youngdon

    Travel Trailer Slide Out

    What's it doing ? Or not doing.
  8. youngdon

    Browning Camo BPS 12 Gauge Shotgun for Sale

    These are great guns, I wouldn't sell mine for that.
  9. youngdon

    Home A/C help

    You're doomed!
  10. youngdon

    Home A/C help

    I hope you have your unit up and running by now but if you don't cool touch was my company of choice. They were fair/ honest and on time.
  11. youngdon

    Firstlite Wick boxer briefs

    No sh!t ! I would hope there is "NO SH!T"
  12. youngdon

    Unattended Fire

    Thanks for being a responsible person.
  13. youngdon

    Antelope Season is Here

    Just to be clear, he is selling books on antelope hunting, not dams......lol
  14. youngdon

    20 guage SXS 28” barrell—-75

    Dang it ! Been looking for a wall hanger S X S...