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  1. Jacob...soaz

    Any quail reports?

    wont be out anytime soon had a bit of bad luck and busted up my ankle but am curious to see how everyone does. last time i was in the desert by me a few weeks ago surprisingly i saw quite a few.
  2. Jacob...soaz

    I come in peace!

    no problem.. wow sounds like you have a lot more fun than me lol maybe one day when the kids are a bit older i can hunt around like that thats awesome. if you decide to put in for 34a 34b let me know i am no expert hunter but get to spend a lot of time in the units because they are my back yard. one thing that is happening is Vail AZ is growing like crazy so its putting more people in those units if not hunting just playing in the desert/hills.. i dont know how it will affect the hunting yet but just something to think about.
  3. Jacob...soaz

    I come in peace!

    I would say if you want the most action come hunt in Jan with an otc archary tag.. then you can hunt multiple units and then you can decide what unit you like and you can start putting in for rifle hunt in that unit.. also if you would have posted this question 10 or so days ago you could have put in for javalina and hunted them the same time you hunt deer.. also archery.. in az the rut happens in Jan so that's when you will see the most bucks.. as far as unit like everyone said any unit. I like the 34s because they are by my house .. good luck
  4. Jacob...soaz

    Hunting radios

    what model i have been thinking about getting some radios
  5. Jacob...soaz

    Wtb tire to use as a spare

    you can also call 4 wheel parts they have tons of used rims and tires from people bringing in there trucks to get lifts and rims and tires
  6. Jacob...soaz

    Daughters first deer

    great job
  7. Jacob...soaz

    rifle for wife

    thanks for the advice . i really like the keeping her warm part. yes i am trying to get her set up as comfortably as possible so she will want to spend maximum time in the field
  8. Jacob...soaz

    1st buck for Camm

    great job
  9. Jacob...soaz

    whats next

    great point
  10. Jacob...soaz

    whats next

    thanks for the input i think i am going to go with some 15s . looks like you are in the same neck of the woods as me might run into you out in the hills .
  11. Jacob...soaz

    rifle for wife

    thanks for the info . I am new to all this so it will take a while to figure all of this out . thanks for your time
  12. Jacob...soaz

    rifle for wife

  13. Jacob...soaz

    rifle for wife

    thanks that gun seems popular so i will be doing some research on it .
  14. Jacob...soaz

    rifle for wife

    thanks i need to read some more about them but thanks for the starting point .
  15. Jacob...soaz

    rifle for wife

    That's awesome advice . thanks and the time you spend with the family in the sticks is well worth every penny. happy hunting to you and your family