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  1. madx250

    Kuiu icon pro frame cracked

  2. madx250

    Kuiu icon pro frame cracked

    I just bought the EXO. It is Awesome! Initially i was looking at Kuiu, but after a little research the Internet told me about the frame issues. Also Exo made in Montana with lifetime warranty. Kuiu made in China. .
  3. madx250

    Augest Archery

    I do.
  4. madx250

    Nevada proposing to ban Trail Cameras

    I would be in favor of them being banned on public land.
  5. madx250

    Let's talk tires

    Nitto or toyo alll terrain dude.these are made for heavy trucks like ours.
  6. Seen a bunch on my elk hunt in 5bs
  7. madx250

    Respect the Coues!

  8. madx250

    Peaks Hunt 2014

    Great pics. Good looking mules.
  9. madx250

    164 7/8" Coues

    Amazing buck!
  10. madx250

    Kaibab Buck

    Bomber, congratulations !
  11. madx250

    My archery buck

    Dream buck!
  12. madx250

    2015 Coues Deer

    Dinner is served!