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  1. Jimmer Negamanee

    Outdoorsman Setup

    For what you describe, I'd go with an Outdoorsmans pistol grip WITH a panning attachment. The pistol grip is strong and maneuverable but the panning attachment adds hands-free panning because once you set the panning tension right you can move your field of view laterally (panning) with just a tap of the bridge of your nose without ever taking your eyes out of the binos. (Set the tension light enough that you can pan with pressure but with enough tension that it stops moving when you stop touching it.) IF a big spotting scope was going to be a significant part of your plan, you might want the Outdoorsmans pan head or the Jim White pan head (also now an Outdoorsmans product). Let us know what you end up with. You'll have a blast! Post pics of your hunt too. We'd love to see them.
  2. Jimmer Negamanee

    coyote busting dove

    Wow! Great footage. I love the coyote trot. It must be efficient because it seems like they can do that all day. My cattle dog/border collie mix does that. Thanks for posting.
  3. Jimmer Negamanee

    My buddy's BIG forky

    That's a Forkasauras!
  4. Jimmer Negamanee

    My buddy's BIG forky

    Beautiful! I love giant 2 points. Congratulations! Thank for posting.
  5. Jimmer Negamanee

    Wheelchair Van

    Bump for a very creative (and funny) post. Good luck on the sale.
  6. Jimmer Negamanee

    AZ Unit 23 Archery Deer

    To me, PMing someone who speaks negatively about the entire population of your state and, therefore, you personally, is more honorable and certainly more gentlemanly than engaging in a public internet urinating exhibition. We may not agree with the politics of our neighboring states (or even of our own state) but to say that we dislike nearly 40 million fellow Americans based on the state in which they reside is an overreach. Josh, 23 is a huge and very diverse unit. There are no bad areas. There's thick timber in the northern parts but there are also lots of places to glass from throughout the unit. Get good binoculars and put them on a good tripod. You'll be surprised at what you see. It may not be what you have a tag for but, nonetheless, it'll be cool.
  7. Jimmer Negamanee

    Delorme inReach Explorer satellite tracker SOS unit

    How old is it?
  8. Jimmer Negamanee

    2 point dead head

    Great find and cool photo! Thanks for posting.
  9. Jimmer Negamanee

    Huntin' Jokes

    'nuther huntin' meme.
  10. Jimmer Negamanee

    Az shed hunting video

    Wow! Great finds and cool video! I loved that you involved the family too. It's a great family pastime (and your kiddos are adorable)! Thanks for posting.
  11. Jimmer Negamanee


    Both are SPF. If the sale and back-ups fall through, I'll re-post. Thank you!
  12. Jimmer Negamanee


    I live in south Tempe roughly by Kyrene Rd. and Warner Rd. PM me if you want to inspect either scope.
  13. Jimmer Negamanee


    Both scopes sold. Thank you.
  14. Jimmer Negamanee

    Kowa or BTX

    Which Kowa is being discussed here? (I'm currently looking for a swaro and was going between the STS and STX but I've not considered Kowa.) Thank you!
  15. Jimmer Negamanee

    Introduction Jim Cloninger

    Welcome to CWT.com! It was very gentlemanly of you to introduce yourself and give us some background. (In today's world, people are understandably cautious when someone's first post is to sell something.) Although your hunting days may be over, as long as you can make it to a computer you'll be able log on to CWT.com and experience other people's hunts vicariously. And, hopefully, you'll share some of your hunting experiences gleaned over the last eight decades. I bet you've learned a thing or two. Again, welcome.