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  1. seek100plus


    Crab & Shrimp
  2. seek100plus

    WTS 2 wall tents 8x10 & 8x12 $600.00

  3. seek100plus

    WTS 2 wall tents 8x10 & 8x12 $600.00

    $600.00 for both , cheap , especially with frames .
  4. I have 2 wall tents , 1 is a older Montana 8x10 with 5' walls , no windows . Great tent , but very used , but water tight still . The next one is 8x12 with 5' walls and one window . I think its a Montana brand . Both have aluminum poles Just checking if any one is looking for 2 tents . Liked to sell both at same time . I also have a cheap wall tent stove , still in box for free . Many micro burst rain storms and 2 feet of snow in one night left in them . Just curious , I will pull them out and set them up for serious buyers .
  5. seek100plus

    Just a little overkill

    That proves , size matters ! Wish my buck was that big .
  6. My truck dove hunts everyday on the 303 , normally 2 kamikazee doves per day
  7. seek100plus

    Lets talk boots

    Check out My sisters closet in Scottsdale for a pair of Louis Vuitton hunting boots , if you buy a pair of boots this time , make sure there 100 % water proof this time and you can walk 100 yards away from your Razor . Just saying !
  8. Ruger Predator , shoots unbelievable since I fixed a few things . Out of 5 custom rifles , by great gunsmiths , this gun hits same target at 800 just the same . Go figure , after spending $10,000 on other ego guns . My walmart fashion camo on clearance , has done very well , next to my friends Scottsdale camo and Louis Vuitton hunting boots . Yes I love my custom rifles and I will never get the money back , but there mine . I tell my friends all the time , when they brag about there customs and how they shoot . You want to shoot for pink slips on your rifle , against my $400.00 Ruger . I get a big No !
  9. seek100plus

    Lets talk boots

    I've seen you hunt , think you would be better off in high hills
  10. seek100plus

    300 win mag bullet options?

    Today,just picked up some 200 ELDx . Going to be working with H1000 and 4831 . Was shooting 200 AB , but got bored with grouping.My gun likes lots of powder, so I give it and let it FEED. Curious for results on ELDx
  11. seek100plus

    Fluid intake?

    What is wrong with me , I work in construction field and I think my water intake is like 2 to 3 bottles a week . I quess being a native of Az 50 years , pissing coffee color is normal . My joints are going to dry up soon
  12. seek100plus

    Goat tag 19 A

    Well my son and I got drawn for father and son hunt together . My son join the Army and ships out August 20th and rifle hunt , is September. Best thought is to donate tag , any other ideas for the tag ? I'm lost on donating tag , will game & fish give his points back ?
  13. seek100plus

    What am I doing with a late archery tag?

    My cousin lives next to Chevlon canyon , he sees elk everyday living off the grid as mountain man .All be seeing him this weekend , all see what he knows
  14. seek100plus

    2013 Polaris ranger xp

    800 cc or 900 ?
  15. seek100plus

    New TAG GRAB

    All come back later , after my coffee and to try to read this ! I say ha what !