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  1. bonecollector

    Cousins opening morning buck

    Stud goat! Congrats
  2. bonecollector

    Leaderboard ???

    I know trophyhunter is the point leader with reputation.
  3. bonecollector

    Podcasts are ruining hunting areas

    I would blame social media first and foremost.
  4. bonecollector

    San Carlos Bear

    Congrats on a nice looking bear.
  5. bonecollector

    My wife’s 2018 bull bison hunt video

    Watched it this morning. Nice job on the video and congrats to your wife on getting it done quickly.
  6. bonecollector

    Calling all Internet Lawyers specializing in Archery Law

    I shoot all the time in my backyard but its only 20 yds
  7. bonecollector

    New Hunting rig finally complete

    Nice looking rig
  8. bonecollector

    Drop Time Coues

    I've only had 1 on camera before, never seen one in the field
  9. bonecollector

    General OTC Bear

    Yep seen quite a few dead bears. Sounds like 23 will be closing Wednesday.
  10. bonecollector

    Home A/C help

    Yep unfortunately a lot of residential companies are a ripoff. The techs only have a few months to make their money unless their good and can work all year. I was lucky and never had to do residential.
  11. bonecollector

    Interesting Buck

    I like them character bucks
  12. bonecollector

    Webcast tonight regarding the "Education" funding

    Bottom line something needs to be done. These people are relentless and will not stop. They could start going after sheep soon.
  13. bonecollector

    Monsoon report

    Good place to find shelter
  14. bonecollector

    Home A/C help

    40 yrs old I would assume package unit.