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  1. el diablo

    People and game cameras.

    For some reason those damm signs irritate me. Used to always see notes posted in blinds that were made in 5bn during archery elk “reserved for so n so” those fing blinds had been there for yrs.
  2. el diablo

    Western Holster for sale

    That’s pretty cool. Has to be Mexican
  3. el diablo

    6a bull rifle nov 30-dec 6

    Always is but if a heavy snow hits just get south of there and youll see the elk pouring through there to the lower elevations
  4. el diablo

    Catahoula leopard Dogs

    Looks like it has pit in it to me. Cats are supposed to be good dogs too. Best dang dog I ever had was a pit mix. All how you raise them.
  5. el diablo

    Mountain Goat!!!

    That is awesome. Congrats!
  6. el diablo

    Unit 10 Cow Elk

    Yes, they will be in the open in Oct. they’ll get into little draws and hide out. Glass early and hope to catch them on the tops of the hills. My buddy is 2 for 2 doing this and going for 3rd hopefully this yr. in the middle of straight up antelope country.
  7. Um, you’re replying to a post from 2015
  8. el diablo

    Winches and Hoists

    Go to https://www.polarispartshouse.com/ you can break ur polaris down to just about anything
  9. el diablo

    Winches and Hoists

    Yeah, Got to looking at the ranger when I got home and it will definitely rub across the hood and such. With the weight of an elk I imagine it would saw right through that.
  10. el diablo

    This new forum layout !!!!!!!!!

    Just bigger brown holes
  11. el diablo

    Winches and Hoists

    I’ve thought of just attaching a pully to the roll cage and running the winch cable up over the top and to the back of the ranger. Not sure if it’d work or not.
  12. el diablo

    First Archery Coues deer

    Abd a stud too. Nice buck, congrats
  13. el diablo

    UTV/ATV Tires

    By the looks they’re 14”
  14. el diablo

    My buddy's BIG forky

    Very nice. Congrats
  15. el diablo

    Youth handgun?

    I wouldn’t even think twice about it. He’ll be with you hunting with a tag not walking through the mall or something.