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  1. Coach

    Swaro refurbishing - need some info

    Thanks for the info guys - I'll get the ball rolling. Typically how long does it take to get them back?
  2. Coach

    Jerky & Sausage Buck

    Nothing wrong with making jerky, burgers, sausage - whatever out of a buck like that. I would recommend, however, backstrap, eye of round, tenderloins get special treatment. Shoot me a PM if interested, lots of prime meat on that guy. Personally, I end up with mostly jerky out of some of the better cuts, just because my family eats it all that way - and burgers...Simple trick for turning any game meat into the best hamburgers ever - and I've cooked tons of these for my sons' football & baseball teams and you just can't get 'em off the grill fast enough. Clean and separate all the meat really carefully to remove all fat, connective tissue, anything white. Separate into top & bottom rounds, keep the eye of round for better use, Wrap in cellophane getting all the air out, and then butcher paper. I usually end up with a bunch of wrapped meat labeled, "choice hind", "backstrap", "front shoulder", "neck" and "grind". Where grind is pretty much everything too good to toss, but doesn't really fit anywhere else. So, the "grind" is the obvious first to go in, but always some of the really good, clean top/bottom round goes in there too. Go to WalMart and buy a chunk of bacon ends. They're usually cheap right where the pork is sold. Let your grind meat and other cuts thaw about half a day, then start putting it through the grinder, mixing in the bacon ends as you go. You'll be feeding in super clean, fat free game along with fatty, smoked pork belly, essentially. The burgers that come out are the best I've had.
  3. I know a lot of guys send their binos in to Swarovski for general maintenance/refurbishing. It seems some people pay nothing to have their glass fully inspected and reconditioned, while others have to pay. Can someone who has been through the process please explain A) how you go about it, and B - what to expect for charges? I've got a pair of 15x56's slc I bought probably 20 years ago. They are considered "gray market" since I bought them from a European shop back when internet sales were just getting started. They actually have the black rubber coating which I rarely see. It seems all the US models have green coating. Anyway, I would like to send them in, but I'm not really sure where to start, and what to expect for cost. Any info from those of you who have gone through the process would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Coach
  4. Coach

    Unit 22 in the Thick

    Nice! I love that style of hunting. Great looking buck - congrats!
  5. Coach

    Spring leftovers list is up

    There's better stuff in there than what I drew - but not gonna pay double. Time to learn a new unit.😀
  6. Coach

    Horny Toads

    We get them in the yard quite a bit. Problem is, we have feral cats around that pretty much decimate them. Sad because they're one of my favorite little critters to have around. Same thing for little baby bunnies - we always have a bunch hanging around in spring, but few make it very long. I used to name them, but don't anymore.
  7. Coach

    Son's Black Belt Journey: Request

    Here's another resource close to home - nazflycasters.com
  8. Coach

    Son's Black Belt Journey: Request

    First off, what your son is doing is amazing - I had no idea of the community service aspect of attaining a black belt. Secondly, +1 on the semi seals - great all around fly. My dad is very active in the White Mountain Fly Fishing club - used to be the president of it. I forwarded him a link to this thread, Besides just a bunch of old guys who fly fish, they are pretty active in terms of taking Wounded Warriors fishing, community projects, etc. I hope they can chip in for a great cause.
  9. Coach

    2018 Desert Buck

    That's a gorgeous buck, - Congtats!
  10. Coach

    My first coues buck!

    Nicely done! Now you get to spend years trying to top it. All kidding aside, super buck. DYI is extra special.
  11. Those are some seriously cute puppies. However when they grow up, they'd probably eat my wife's yorkies.
  12. Coach

    Elton Bingham's Rifle

    Great write-up! Very cool indeed.
  13. Coach

    Spring draw is on the portal

    18B general - my 4th choice. Never stepped a foot in that unit but put in as a backup with some folks I know through others. I sure hope I'm not the only one who got it because that's a long way from home.
  14. Coach

    Ringtail or Coatimundi or Racoon?

    Racoon and a pink flamingo + 1