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  1. Coach

    Looking for a .243

    Thanks for the info everyone. The Tikka t3x sure looks good, but that Montana rifles are beautiful. I'll have to see what the budget is and whether I go for the most bang for the buck or splurge on aesthetics. I did notice the Tikka has a 1 in 10 twist rate, and the Montana has 1 in 9. From what I've heard 1-9 is preferable in .243 but not a very big difference in the real world. Anyone have opinions on that?
  2. Coach

    Single Shot 10 Gauge - What's it worth

    Yeah, sorry I didn't post a pic. The last few days have been crazy. It's an H&R but I'll have to get more info on it like age & exact model/length?
  3. Coach

    Looking for a .243

    I'm thinking about finally getting a .243. My first two choices are a Win 70 featherweight or Ruger Hawkeye. But I'm open to suggestions. I want something with a wood stock, good trigger, kind of traditional. I'm not opposed to something like a Tikka Hunter. What are your thoughts on the best .243 that performs well but has that trad feel?
  4. Just got gifted one, it's a shoulder breaker for sure. I'm looking to sell it but not sure what's a fair price. Gunbroker has them everywhere from $300 to $450. All same model and in similar condition.
  5. Coach

    2018 AZ Pronghorn

    Nice job! Loved all the pictures too. Congrats!
  6. Coach

    2A - trophy unit?

    Well, I got my antelope opening day, which was nice because I had the rest of the weekend to get ready for my elk hunt. I started in an area I had located a couple decent bucks but didn't turn anything up so started exploring some new country. I was glassing into a giant flat off of some really cool painted desert stuff and found a nice buck chasing a doe way, way out there and moving away fast. From my maps, it looked like I could get to a road that would take me closer, but ended up hitting a locked gate in the middle of nowhere. It looked like if I went far enough back around, I could get to it from another angle, but I decided to take a little two-tracker that looked at the flat from another direction. As soon as I got my tripod up and started glassing I found another buck, all alone about 1.5 miles out. Well, a buck right there was worth going after rather than trying to make a 20 mile loop to get on the guy that was moving fast in the wrong direction, so I started my stalk. I picked out a "knoll" way off in the distance that would at least tell me how far out in the middle of the flat this guy was. It turned out that knoll was much bigger than it looked from a distance - ha. So I worked my way off the red dirt hills to the edge of this huge flat. It was weird because it was really hard to navigate around in there. lots of dead-ends, up-and-down just to get to get off the hills and into the edge of the flat. I re-located the buck but he was still so far off I couldn't get a range from my sig kilo. Over 1000 yards still. I started working out a plan, and this guy just started trotting toward me. I got my first range at 643 yards, but it was clear he was going to do all the leg-work for me. There was a little ridge out there I didn't even see from up top, but once at eye level, he dropped behind it giving me an opportunity to make a move. There were almost no trees or bushes, so this was just what I needed to close the distance. As I got closer, there was a little run-off ditch I could use to stay low, but I knew once I came up out of it he'd be pretty close. Turns out, closer than I expected. When I popped up and started looking for him I expected him to be 200-300 yards out still, but he was withing 100 yards. I dropped back down and dialed my scope back down to the lowest power, then came back up to my knees. He was about 80 yards with his head down. I raised back up and shot him off-hand. He dropped right in his tracks. Doesn't get much easier than that - well until the pack out. Once I had him quartered and stuffed in my pack along with my gun, two pairs of binos, a tripod, etc. I could barely take more than a few steps in the sandy soil uphill toward the truck. I ended up having to leave half the meat and his head, and come back for them after getting more water and some food in me. Really kicked my old butt, but I manged to get him out.
  7. Coach

    Another first Antelope

    That's awesome! Congrats!
  8. Coach

    First day velvet success...

    Very nice buck! Huge congrats!
  9. Coach

    Sea of Cortez 8/18

    I'd love to see the fillets off of those. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Coach

    Forum software upgrade

    Thanks Amanda. I get the appeal of the makeover. Just old dogs and new tricks. I'll get used to it.
  11. Coach

    Cousins opening morning buck

    Any goat with a bow is impressive. That one is really cool! Looks like he was in an area that would be tough to stalk up on with a bow. Kudos!
  12. Coach

    Back to "New Topics"

    Thanks, I'll try that out.
  13. Coach

    Forum software upgrade

    I'm probably missing something here. I used to come to a page where all new content was displayed by topic. Now it seems as if each response is ordered chronologically, so each topic can be spread out over a lot of responses. I don't mind the color changes, etc. but I'm finding it hard to peruse the latest conversations like the old format did.
  14. Coach

    Back to "New Topics"

    Before the upgrade, I had my placemark set up to show me the most recent topics across all boards. Now, I'm seeing "Unread Topics" but what I'd really like to see is the current conversation with each topic listed, and all the responses within that. Just like it used to be. Is that still possible?
  15. It's good to see threads like this to help folks understand all the laws. As many have pointed out here, it would only take something really minor to ruin your hunt, or worse. So having knowledge of the law and following it to the letter can be the difference between a great hunt and a terrible one. Great job to all the folks contributing here.