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  1. akaspecials

    Shipping Taxi when Travelling to hunt.

    I use dry ice in cheap foam coolers when I'm traveling. Should freeze solid in a day or two for transport without having to find cooling units. I then place in a carry on surrounded by my sleeping bag and parka to keep it cold.
  2. akaspecials

    Catahoula leopard Dogs

    I have a scar on my right thumb from my buddies cat. 6 month old puppy didn't approve of other dogs seeking attention and a fight broke out. The dog has been okay besides that. He got the taste of chickens a while back and that caused a bunch of extra fencing costs. They are loyal to their owners, will defend against anyone not their owners, and need a lot of room to run. Not bad dogs as long as they are in the right home. I won't let cats around small kids though unless I know the dog really well. That dog doesn't look pure cat, but I'm no expert. And what's it matter if he fits in your family. Hope it all works out.
  3. akaspecials

    The First of Many

    Congrats! Awesome coues buck! Send me a text. I lost my numbers.
  4. akaspecials


    I would get a thin pair of neoprenes with room to layer thermals and fleece under. Sportsman warehouse had the best local selection when I was looking 4 years ago. Try on a few pairs to make sure they are comfortable. Nothing worse than too baggy or too tight. Sorry I can't help with brands.
  5. 1984 Dodge 3/4 ton with a telescoping Alaskan Camper and an old Jon boat that my granddad used when working for Arkansas G&F over 50 years ago. Less than 30,000 miles on the truck. My granddad was the original owner. It was driven around the national park circuit a few summers and then maintained for occasional weekend trips. I’ve refinished the boat and use both of them for hunting and fishing still. Grandad passed earlier this year at 93, but I always sent him pictures when I took it out. He was always happy to know they were still being used!
  6. akaspecials

    AZ Unit 23 Archery Deer

  7. akaspecials

    Podcasts are ruining hunting areas

    Hunt wilderness areas and support the designation of wilderness and non motorized areas. You won't see many people if you hike over a mile from the road, especially if you head uphill. If a specific unit is being discussed, find a unit that isn't being talked about. Hot spots change over the years with pressure and other environmental factors. Unless they revoke the 1st amendment, you just gotta adjust if people talk about certain units.
  8. akaspecials

    San Carlos oct bear

    Had a truck break down back there in August 2014 while trying a short cut into the Galiuros. Saw lots of deer and bear as we hiked out the 18 miles to San Carlos Reservoir to get help.
  9. akaspecials

    Lake Mary/Ashurst what’s are they biting on?

    Tie small treble hook directly to the line. I prefer 6 to 8# line. I cut off the barbs so it's easier to retrieve since half the time they swallow it. Add split shot 18-24 inches up if fishing from the shore and drop on the bottom. Rig it 24-36 inches if trolling. Don't overload the hook with bait; trout have tiny mouths.
  10. akaspecials

    Recommend me some books/novels please

    I second the Ed Abbey suggestion. Desert Solitaire and Monkey Wrench Gang are two of my favorites.
  11. akaspecials

    Fire restrictions question

    Propane is good to go. I think it has to have an on/off switch. I actually paid for a weekend at country thunder by selling those propane campfires to nearby campsites when they had fire restrictions one year. (I was there for the women, not that crap they try to pass off as country.)
  12. akaspecials

    Wanted house painter

    I dont do it anymore, but if you want the facia sanded and primed properly, do it yourself. Ive only seen a few crews that prep wood properly out here, and they are double the price of most guys cause it takes a lot of time. Most importantly though, dont have your house painted June- August. Its too dang hot here and the paint goes on too thin. A lot of crews end up with shitty coverage and drips. I hope the unsolicited advice isnt too out of place.
  13. akaspecials

    Backpack water filtration

    I use a PUR Hiker I bought in the early 2000s. Katadyn makes an identical filter now. I change out my filters with their cartridges. Lightweight and has never failed me; except one dirty a** water hole I definitely shouldnt have filtered out of to start with. Just because its good enough for a deer doesnt mean its good for a person, even filtered. If you can stand the taste and you dont really use them that often, the purification tabs are decent and light weight.
  14. akaspecials

    Backpacking on a budget

    Dont get it wet whatever you do. Down + water = cold night. Been there and done that. That's when I went synthetic. There is a hydrophobic coating they are putting on some down now to make it "waterproof". I haven't tried it yet.
  15. akaspecials

    Backpacking on a budget

    This quilt idea sounds awesome. How well do they keep the wind out and how warm are they when wet? What temps are you going down to them in?