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  1. goinhuntn

    Savage 11 260 Remington

  2. goinhuntn

    Unit 8 Late Rifle Bull Elk Hunt

    Don't focus to much where the elk are right now, late rifle season there patterns change completely.
  3. goinhuntn

    New Hunting rig finally complete

    Nice looking rig!!!
  4. goinhuntn

    Archery elk hunt video

    Congrats looks like a great hunt!
  5. goinhuntn

    Popcorn thread

    He has been on here posting just check other threads.
  6. goinhuntn

    Who remembers 49 years ago tonight?

    I was floating around in moms belly waiting to make my appearance 4 months later!
  7. goinhuntn

    Trail cameras

    Has anyone read the new law Nevada has passed on trail cameras. No cameras can be set from Aug 1st to Dec 31st. If they are capable of transmitting images or video than they can not be set from July 1st to Dec 31st. For the sake of not starting a huge argument just curious as to what you guys think of the law & if would be acceptable in Arizona? I don't run cameras so doesn't really matter, but I do not like seeing them on every tank I come across.
  8. goinhuntn


    Hornhunter full curl Is what I use & really like it. I also have the full curl system for backpack hunts. These packs are way underrated IMO!!!
  9. goinhuntn

    2017 Az archery elk hunt

    Nice bull congrats!
  10. goinhuntn

    Jumping Jack - Reduced

    I have a 2006 I love mine!!! Good luck with the sale its priced right!!
  11. goinhuntn

    Turned in AZ BULL Tag

    Sorry to hear about your dad!!
  12. goinhuntn

    Backpack water filtration

    Good info guys keep them coming please.
  13. goinhuntn

    Backpack water filtration

    Curious as to what you guys are using to filter water? I have been researching gravity fed & pump type filters. What is the best brand, system & why. Thanks in advance for any input.
  14. goinhuntn

    Vortex Vulture HD 15x56

    Great price for good glass. I have these & really like them. I know they are not swaro's, but they are what I could afford & i'm happy with them! Good luck with the sale.
  15. goinhuntn

    Kodiak 450 4x4 ATV FS

    miles & hours?