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  1. Big Tub

    Remington 870 12ga Home Defense shotgun $275

    Is the magazine original or an addition such that the old detent had to be removed?
  2. Big Tub

    Blue Loctite Drying Time?

    The Loctite will decrease the friction factor on threaded fasteners thus increasing the pinch force that is applied through the fastener. Progressive tightening (like with lug nuts) is important to achieve uniformly distributed clamping forces . If you want to increase the cure speed to a few hours, you can use Loctite Primer T or N. HOWEVER, this does increase the cure time to the point that it may set up during the progressive tightening -- you only have about 5 minutes so don't dinky-dork around. It is also a good idea to degrease and thoroughly clean all the hardware before assembly. Putting Loctite on the rails and bases I question -- it only cures in the absense of oxygen (anaeorobic) and I'm not sure they are tight enough to exclude oxygen. I suppose if you use the primer, it may work. Epoxy would be more appropriate.
  3. Big Tub

    Vortex razor Hd digiscoping adapter

    where are you located?
  4. Big Tub

    Bonus points taken away??

    I had my Bonus Points taken away ... finally!
  5. Big Tub


    how is 34 XL?
  6. Big Tub

    Savage 24D series p over under .22/20 gauge

    With no pad, how does it kick?
  7. Big Tub

    What is your dream/bucket list hunt?

    Desert Bighorn in S AZ ...
  8. Big Tub

    HENRY BIG BOY; .45 LC - USD 600.00

    That is a really cool gun.
  9. Big Tub

    Savage Model 116 300WIN MAG

    Have you picture of any groups? Location? Also, what did you think of those 150 grn WT loads?
  10. Big Tub

    Savage 24D series p over under .22/20 gauge

    I was hoping the 520 code meant down here.
  11. Big Tub

    Savage 24D series p over under .22/20 gauge

    Nice Boy Toy! Location???
  12. Big Tub

    Kowa binoculars.

    I have a pair of 8.5x44. Great Glass and solid but really heavy.
  13. Big Tub

    Savage 24D series p over under .22/20 gauge

    Hey My Rights: put the pics up if you get them?
  14. Big Tub

    Where to retire?

    one in the summer and one in the winter
  15. Big Tub

    Archery Hunting within 1/4 mile of a building

    One year they open up quail for pellet gun and then shot off bowhunting ... go figure.