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  1. dsotm

    WTS Kodiak 10x14 Deluxe tent

    Sunday bump
  2. dsotm

    WTS Kodiak 10x14 Deluxe tent

    Year and a half and maybe 6 or so weekends.
  3. http://www.kodiakcanvas.com/10-x-14-ft-flex-bow-canvas-tent-deluxe/ http://www.kodiakcanvas.com/ground-tarp-10-x-14-ft/http://www.kodiakcanvas.com/ground-tarp-10-x-14-ft/ $500, located in North Phoenix. Bought a tent trailer and don't need this anymore. Includes ground tarp footprint.
  4. dsotm

    New Cardinal's QB

    Absolutely not, we are much better with Cousins than Keenum, there is a reason Zimmer wouldn't commit to or even praise Keenum
  5. dsotm

    How bout them Devils!

    LOL how bout them indeed
  6. dsotm

    New Cardinal's QB

    He is going to die behind that o-line
  7. dsotm

    How bout them Devils!

    What time does ASUck play tonight?
  8. dsotm

    Results up!

    Are you non resident? Also several units have two hunts for cow at different times make sure it's not a different hunt. Or you didn't put in for what you thought you did. Sometimes the nr 10% quota gets met and they can't give nr a tag after that even if there are no residents to take it. Nope I'm a resident, same hunt number first choice and leftover
  9. dsotm

    Results up!

    Of course there's a bloody leftover in my first choice unit
  10. dsotm

    How bout them Devils!

    Any Heisman candidates at ASU this year (or ever)?
  11. dsotm

    How bout them Devils!

    Lose today, early exit from Pac-12 tourny, NIT for ASU
  12. dsotm

    AZGFD hit my cc

    Nada here
  13. dsotm

    How bout them Devils!

    How Hurley doesn't get tossed every game is beyond me, guy is a clown
  14. dsotm

    Anyone HAM hunting?

    Me too
  15. dsotm

    How bout them Devils!

    they have at least 4-5 losses left on their schedule, they won't make the tournament