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  1. thunderbolt

    Interesting Buck

    Good luck stand man
  2. thunderbolt

    Passed up free meal

    Wow that’s crazy. Thx for posting
  3. thunderbolt

    My first Coues with a bow

    wow!!! congrats and great story
  4. thunderbolt

    A Successful Hunt

    Congrats on a nice buck
  5. thunderbolt

    Giant coues

    Looks like a diaper don't it..lol. It's a pillow case we put around the chest area to protect the cape while dragging him out. And his rifle is a .260 AI using H4350 pushing 140 burger vlds.
  6. thunderbolt

    Giant coues

    a good friend of mine killed a giant buck dec 2nd. Laptop won't let me post pics so I'll post a video I just made. Enjoy https://youtu.be/nvZgjKuAJrk
  7. thunderbolt

    First archery elk

    Thank you. That was my dad with the beer..lol 2 hip replacements, he was just there for the ride and the cool air. And no footage from the gopro. I didn't have a chance to turn it on. Everything happened so fast.
  8. thunderbolt

    unit 1 bull

  9. thunderbolt

    Unit 27 stud bull!

    congrats. awesome bull
  10. thunderbolt

    7W Bull

    gotta love those whailtails!!! awesome bull
  11. thunderbolt

    First archery elk

    A little video I made of us scouting and hunting. Ending of the video has how it all unfolded. Sorry for long 6 minute video. Didn't wanna leave anything out. https://youtu.be/jejDc8rZ5FA
  12. thunderbolt

    First archery elk

    Well its been a couple wkks since the hunt. Tagged my first archery bull elk. Hit him at 40 yards with a shwacker right thru the heart. He ran 35 to 40 yards and tipped over. Dam great hunt with friends and family.
  13. thunderbolt


    Amanda, is there a place on coueswhitetail to view all the coues deer celebration videos? I can only find 4,5, and 6. Thank you
  14. thunderbolt

    Cam Pics

    wow great pictures
  15. thunderbolt

    2017 bucks

    That's one crazy looking euro. Wow. Thx for posting