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  1. GreyGhost85

    5b south

    I heard that both auction bulls and the raffle bull were all killed there this year. 400" bulls should be no problem to find
  2. GreyGhost85

    Podcasts are ruining hunting areas

    I've been glassing off of a certain spot for many years now. Multiple times every year. it is not much of a walk, maybe 1/4 mile and a couple hundred feet elevation gain. Two weeks ago i went in there only to see that people in the last few months have started driving off road and up to my little perch. it has never been a secret really but come on! how lazy do you have to be? needless to say, i lost one of my favorite glassing points. the worst part is, i passed a guy coming out that had a UTV with a couple young kids in it that obviously had driven up it. one way in one way out. I wish i had known that he drove up there when i passed him. I have to get into confrontations with people nearly every year that i see leaving gates open, throwing beer cans out the window or driving off road. Really setting a good example for the kids.
  3. GreyGhost85

    Trail cams on camofire

    mine all worked fine for a month or two. put them all out a couple months ago, next to cameras i knew worked well just to compare. one of them didn't work, the other two took really weird colored, washed out photos and had really slow trigger speeds. the one that didn't worked did get bit by a bear, but not bad enough where it should have really hurt anything. Here's a photo form last year that shows what i mean by "washed out'
  4. GreyGhost85

    Trail cams on camofire

    Good luck on the refurbs. I bought 3 last year from camofire and all 3 didnt make it through one season. At $35 though, its not as much risk. I think i paid around $80 each.
  5. GreyGhost85

    Coues doe doesn't mind us at all

    I was packed in about 8 miles into a wilderness with the mules a few years ago and had a doe walk right up to me and the mules and water in the same tank at the same time. I was within 10 feet of it for a few minutes. Just got it’s drink and walked off. Not a care in the world. Always struck me as odd. I chalked it up to the deer probably never had seen a person before.
  6. GreyGhost85

    General OTC Bear

    Seen a lot of dead bears as well. Sadly though, half of them are about 100lb sows. Never understood why people shoot tiny bears year in and year out.
  7. GreyGhost85

    Grouper Dinner

    Man i love grouper. I brought back 10lbs from rocky point about a month ago and it’s gone
  8. GreyGhost85

    Favorite dead head

    ^ that is an awesome buck.
  9. GreyGhost85

    Elk arrow locked in

    Stay out of the shoulder and you’ll be fine. I killed my last bull with a 390gn setup but substantially more speed (325 fps) and had a complete pass through at 70 yards. Never found the arrow
  10. GreyGhost85

    Area 27 Water

    You wont run into very many people once you get a mile off the roads. Especially in early season.
  11. GreyGhost85

    Area 27 Water

    Lots of water in 27 now. Tanks are all full. Most of the unit has received 10+ of rain since mid july. Shouldnt need to focus your time around water holes.
  12. GreyGhost85

    Items To Fund Hunt

    Those marlin camp guns are cool little rifles. Good luck on the sale. Free bump
  13. GreyGhost85

    2A - trophy unit?

    Ive been on a couple 2a goat hunts. There are some good ones in there. Not a ton of them, but good genetics. Every few years someone kills a stomper (87+).
  14. GreyGhost85

    White Mountain Apache Elk

    http://outdoor8.wixsite.com/new-hunting-page/self-guided-hunts It is a real hunt and looks to be self guided. Their website isn't too bad anymore. should have all the info you need. https://wmatoutdoor.org
  15. GreyGhost85

    Coyote problem

    i've killed a few coyotes with a .22 pistol over the years. seems to work just fine if you hit them good. a 22 cal pellet rifle to the head would work well too i would imagine