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  1. 1uglydude

    U of A / ASU Football

    I'm neither an ASU or UA fan (undergrad at Utah), but I wouldn't be too optimistic over the Michigan State win. MSU nearly lost to Utah State on it's home opener the week before. That team never should have been ranked Top 25 in the first place.
  2. 1uglydude

    Hunting with Suppressors

    I spoke to an assistant branch chief at ATF back on July 30th because all the hotline people had been able to tell me for two months was "pending FBI." The chief I spoke to was very nice and informative. She said that most applications don't even get considered for FBI background check for about 5 months. She also said that some applications will get flagged for special consideration by the FBI and it has nothing to do with the person or the application, it's just a random selection....kind of like the "random" TSA selection for extra inspection. When that happens, it adds an EXTRA 4-5 months to the application. The wildcard is whether or not the FBI gets inundated with standards NCIS background checks during that time (i.e. holidays, post-mass shootings, etc.) because those background checks get priority. They need to respond within 3 days on the standard transfers, whereas there is no deadline on requests from ATF. So, if volume goes up, the ATF requests sit dormant until they have more time. She told me that my application had gone to the FBI on May 21, and that as of July 30 they were getting responses from the FBI on applications they sent over on March 19.
  3. 1uglydude

    Hunting with Suppressors

    I have a Harvester in jail. ATF charged my card on December 10th. I've been stuck in FBI background check since mid-May. I was hoping to have the suppressor in time for my daughter's youth elk hunt 5 weeks from now, but I don't think that's going to be the case. The Harvester was going to be key in reducing muzzle blast and felt recoil for her...two things for which she is particularly sensitive.
  4. 1uglydude

    Another Payson Question

    The schedule of fees for Payson shows a $300 (that's HUNDRED) fee plus hourly plan review for a pool. Also, I don't believe Beaver Valley Estates is incorporated into the Town, but I could be mistaken.
  5. We will be there, but are likely going to stay with the ADA camp. We have three girls with tags (two @ 11 yo and one @ 15yo). Double the number of youth tags on that hunt this year. It will be interesting to see if it feels crowded.
  6. 1uglydude

    Found my 18a shoter!!!

    Had they advanced to using a helicopter for herding by that point, or was that still a few years away?
  7. 1uglydude

    Update to Game and Fish screw up

    I doubt that, because you can still send an envelope in for remaining tags during the walk in period. They do that so that people who don't live anywhere near a regional office can get a tag without a lot of driving.
  8. 1uglydude

    Update to Game and Fish screw up

    The list of leftover tags is usually at least a day old by the time they update it. You sent the application to the wrong address, so it probably took an extra day or so to get to them. You'd have a hard time proving that it arrived in time.
  9. 1uglydude

    Popcorn thread

    I wasn't going to say anything because it was dead on here, but did anyone else notice that in mid-June someone (likely the prosecutor) filed a motion with the court. That was likely a motion for reconsideration because the court changed the dismissal from "with" prejudice to "without prejudice." An arraignment was held on July 2nd, and other motions have been filed since that time...so it doesn't look like Blake is as out of the woods as his brother thought. It is possible that some of NoBull's comments about his dad being cozy with the JP in Snowflake will come back to bite him.
  10. 1uglydude

    Tags in mail

    Another way to make money. Don't know if it's true or not, but I heard that the Department was no longer going to sell the lists of tagholders to guides, so this was the compromise.
  11. He said "December"....a lot of people are referring to the third hunt as a "December" hunt now...not that it matters much, the late December hunt doesn't see much rut action anyways.
  12. 1uglydude

    Hunting w/Non-Lead

    I don't know what your son's limitations are following his surgery, but when I have taken kids on the Kaibab doe hunt I have just loaded up the 62gr TTSX for them in 223. It gets the job done, especially when you shoot them in the high shoulder. My tiny little daughter didn't have any problem with it last year, and it was only weeks away from us finding out that the nausea she was feeling was actually a grapefruit sized mass of cancer growing in her gut.
  13. 1uglydude

    Hunting w/Non-Lead

    I'm not a metal expert, but isn't bird shot a lot harder than the lead alloys you'd typically find in a cup and core lead bullet? I would think it would be much harder to break it down in the body before it exits.
  14. 1uglydude

    Hunting w/Non-Lead

    It's been settled science for well over one hundred years that lead exposure is toxic to humans. I only load and shoot barnes bullets because I don't like the thought of lead fragments in my meat...especially the stuff I feed to my kids...I didn't have much in the way of brains to give them in the first place, and I don't want to risk handicapping their development even more. That being said, I wonder how quickly lead can be ingested into the system. If a kid gets a few shards of lead in his burger, does his body have time to absorb much of it before it passes through him? If some does get absorbed, then how much is too much? In the end, I choose to err on the side of safety. I've never lost an animal to a Barnes bullet, and I've been able to get them to group well within hunting standards, so I have no reason to stop using them.
  15. 1uglydude

    Same deer shot by two hunters

    If your Google the text from his post you'll see it is the exact same story posted on a number of forums going back st least two years. It's probably some way to get through membership screening.