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  2. lonne

    Sweet Redemption

    Super cool! Thanks for the story!! Nice job
  3. lonne

    San Carlos Bear

    Nice mohawk!
  4. Looks like his ear is tagged so he may already have 1 or 2 strikes against him? :-( Or maybe my eyes are going on me.
  5. Thanks for sharing. That was crazy!! Both those guys lucky they walked away with only a cut finger.
  6. lonne

    Hunting w/Non-Lead

    I realized when I was lucky to draw Kaibab many years back I would need to develop a lead-free load and just stick with it. I have yet to take it out to further distances, but it seems I've read everything under the sun about 1) lead-free loads work fine at distance and 2) lead-free loads work disastrously at distance...If I ever go to farther distances, it may be a concern; I'm not sure what the latest findings are on lead-free loads working at long distance. Need to be able to shoot at shorter distances before taking to longer, regardless.
  7. lonne

    Lion attack on my trail cam?

    I also thought at first guess pic 3 is a lion's tail - but could be a leg, who knows. Too bad lion season is closed in most or all places in Az until Aug 24 thanks to the new regs this year.
  8. Thanks all! Yep, I'm amazed at how quick it scavenging happened, and it happens quicker than I thought. A long time ago I lost a knife in a gutpile and I went back about a month later, and noticed a similar skeleton as what rossislider posted. So that being my only experience, I guestimated it happened probably in a month. But above article sounded like a lot quicker. Recently I came upon a cow carcass that still smelled pretty uck and had quite a few vultures on it, but from a distance it looked like it was down to a skeleton already so I assumed it happened maybe a week or two prior. After reading the above article I realized it could have been 24-48 hours, and that I probably should have checked for tracks around it (assuming bear or lion kill but could have just been a natural death) but never did. Thanks all for the interesting stories and info. Lonne
  9. lonne

    Recommend me some books/novels please

    I highly recommend Hunting Trips of a Ranchman and the Wilderness Hunter by Teddy Roosevelt, if you have not already browsed: https://www.amazon.com/Hunting-Trips-Ranchman-Wilderness-Hunter/dp/0679602348/ref=sr_1_24?ie=UTF8&qid=1532041238&sr=8-24&keywords=theodore+roosevelt+hunting I have only read sections of it, but it's excellent. Lonne
  10. LOL. I'm sure stranger has happened.
  11. lonne

    Fluid intake?

    And with what happened in Flint, we can all be concerned that it could happen anywhere.
  12. lonne

    Trivia question

    Sounds like a good time. Until DesertBull posted. LOL. Keep us posted MulePackHunter but please no Brokeback sequels.
  13. lonne

    No cams on water by G&F.....coming soon.

    Echo Bill's comments.
  14. lonne

    Layering for cold weather

    Filson wool long johns, top or bottom. And Filson wool gloves. With regular camo hunting long-sleeve t-shirt and pants. I remove or wear one and/or both depending upon conditions. Filson wool jac-shirt. Wool gets heavy but this stuff is actually pretty light and packable. Expensive too :-( but I've had it for years so it lasts. I've tried synthetic over and over again but it is often just as expensive, doesn't last, and is very noisy. Once I went to light weight wool I have never gone back.
  15. lonne

    Sous vide elk burger

    LOL. I bet it was fantastic. Temps in Phoenix are almost 132 degrees for two hours. Maybe you would call it medium rare.