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  1. 8OWHUNT247

    Archery Antelope Roll Call

    19a for me tomorrow!!!
  2. 8OWHUNT247

    Lets See Them Kids

    Love this thread!!!
  3. 8OWHUNT247

    Field Scoring antelope

    ouch... guess I should have googled first. lol
  4. 8OWHUNT247

    Field Scoring antelope

    ^ They are horned.. No shedding for antelope.
  5. 8OWHUNT247

    19A questions, help

    In the same boat.. I've managed to find some goats but the access sure left me wanting..
  6. 8OWHUNT247

    2018 Antelope results

    19a Early Archery Hunt for me!!
  7. 8OWHUNT247

    Left Over Elk Tag List B.S.!!!

    Better yet.. What happens to the tags that get given back via point guard?? Donate?
  8. 8OWHUNT247

    Results up!

    the first 19a Antelope Archery hunt for me..... Super stoked..
  9. 8OWHUNT247

    Day One Results

    So far 1 Jr elk tag for my daughter and it also looks like I will get to hunt archery lope in AZ finally!! I am hoping for more hits but I used capital one so I guess we'll see!! LOL Super Stoked!!!
  10. 8OWHUNT247

    Regs are out

    that was 19a early and 19a late..
  11. 8OWHUNT247

    Regs are out

    ELK 6 points - 6a archery bull/5bs archery bull?? ANTELOPE 9 points - 19a archery and 19a archery?? Thanks!!!
  12. 8OWHUNT247


    When is this going down?
  13. 8OWHUNT247

    Taxidermy Nightmare!

    I ended up just going and getting my antlers from Tom. He seemed like a nice guy but all I ever got was excuses. At the end of the day, this is what happened... Tom took over for his brother that apparently lost my hide. Instead of just telling me that, Tom waited over a year to say "well if you can find a hide, I will mount your buck".... um no, is what I said. Then I was on a mission to at least get my antlers back. After months of hounding, I just went ahead and showed up at his house and didn't leave until I got my property back. So it's a bitter sweet deal I guess.. I did eventually get my rack back but now my biggest muley to date is just that, a rack, not even a euro.. If it were me, I would cut my losses and hope to get your property back.
  14. My brother just bought one in 300wm and he loves it. We were hearing conflicting feedback on accuracy. HIS is shooting right at .5-.75 MOA and he's not exactly a bench shooter. They seem to be shooter's and pretty attractive shooters at that. Hope it helps.