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  1. singleshot

    Side Hustle

    We raised chocolate labs for quite a few years. Had two females and bred them once a year each. They were family dogs and we took good care of them, but you can get two litters a year if you wanted to. They were AKC with all the bells and whistles and people came from as far as Salt Lake to buy one. That was quite a few years ago and we always sold out. People who didn't have cash I was always willing to take a Home Depot gift card. My full time schedule is four ten hour days and I have had an automation consulting gig on my days off for 12 years now. One contract with the local municipality. Started building control panels in my living room and it's grown into a large control system. 35 ethernet radios and RTU several PLC's and SCADA nodes. Bought and flipped two homes in the past and made out OK doing all the work myself. My advice is learn to live on what you make and go hunting and have fun while you can. Can't follow your dreams when your body's shot.
  2. singleshot

    Where to retire?

    Trees burn and you can't see anything if you build in the middle of them. Pine needles add up to a lot of work at times. wanted a view and actually thats about a hundred trees. mature ones.
  3. singleshot

    Where to retire?

    Right here! Building on the blue dot. The names have changed as of yesterday.
  4. singleshot


    That's one of the good ones.
  5. singleshot

    Vanguard 30-06

    That's a good buy for somebody out there. Versatile, solid setup.
  6. singleshot

    The power of water

    The view from my in laws back porch. Every year at this time the water brings them in. Some times my mother in law will get a picture with five of our big game species in it at the same time.
  7. singleshot

    Mid Life/wife crisis Question

    ok mom.Lol I got your mom , let me know next time you’re sitting in a four hour traffic delay because of these idiots .Carry on and pull as fast as you’d like friend. When I said average 17 at 80 when empty I meant truck alone. Not pulling anything. My trailer is a 26 footer, quad trailer is 12. It's not for every hunt or camping trip. Sure is nice on the extended ones though.
  8. singleshot

    Mid Life/wife crisis Question

    Went from the 12x17 canvas to the fifth wheel and 3/4 ton. Wife likes it (for now), hot shower is nice. Diesel pulls all this no problem and averages about 13 MPG doing it. Freeway at 80 empty about 17. DEF is no big deal at 20 bucks every 5000 miles or so, oil change with synthetic my labor about 100 bucks. Still got the tent, ranger gets to come too, on it's own trailer hooked to the fifth wheel. Pick up a nice used fifth wheel for 10K. Mommas happy, your hunting, life is good.
  9. singleshot

    Couple of Safe Sitters

    Sweet red pad on that #1. Good price. I have the same one and it took a while to get it figured out. Installed a Hicks accurizer which allows you to adjust the tension on the barrel with a set screw on the fore end hangar. It went from the 1 1/2 inch groups to an average of around 3/4 inch. I can't shoot anything much better than that. Great balance, classic look, really nice rifles.
  10. singleshot


    The poster has two machines so Im not sure about the mix up on the engine size. What I am sure about is the fact that he is a stand up guy. If there were any issues with the machine he would be open about them.
  11. singleshot

    Bad Neighbor

    I live on a private road, granted access to a home located two houses down. 10 foot easement for the old couple who had previously lived there. They sold out to two crackhead brothers who built a giant shop out of con ex boxes, rented them out for living quarters. Constant meth traffic for ten years, people passed out in their cars, every time the wind blows my yard would get piled in trash. Burnt foil, mini zip locks, and then came the used syringes. Domestic after domestic, went to planning and zoning, sheriffs office, county supervisors, you can guess the result. Believe it or not it's not a health violation to live in a home without power and water. Found that out after getting tired of throwing walmart bags full of feces back over their wall. Numerous run ins about parking piles of crap and trailers of trash on my private property. Owners back in prison right now and left a huge trailer of decomposing kitchen trash on the empty lot next to his, which of course is blowing all over the place. I have probably made at least five dump runs over the years and spent many a weekend picking up their mess. I just know if I burn the place their will be some crack head passed out in there and I will die in prison. Good luck but if where you live is anywhere like Safford, nobody gives a F
  12. singleshot

    one sweet and pretty little 7mm-08

    Post pictures after you buy it!
  13. singleshot

    .243 or 7-08 for Youth Cow

    Get yourself some 100 grain Remington Core Lokts, sounds like you might already be shooting those. Whatever she's hitting soda cans with your good to go. Plenty of better options but reality is stuff any 100 or so grain 243 factory load behind the shoulder half way up and dead is dead. Just go hunting and have fun.
  14. singleshot

    PSE Bow Madness $400

    What is the draw length, poundage, brace height?