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.243 or 7-08 for Youth Cow

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7mm08 in my opinion. Ive seen deer lung shot with .243 go and go. Either one will work with correct shot placement.

That is the key, shot placement. I meant a local on the western slope in Colorado while hunting and that was his elk rifle a 7/08. He just chukled and shook his head at the thought of using a bigger gun.

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So many underestimate a well placed 243. Nice shooting!
I wonder if that shot would be different exactly the same but at 200 yards. Pretty impressive to see a cow drop like that with a 243. Makes me think it was the perfect distance for proper expansion for that bullet.


I have killed muleys at many different distances with a 243 either 100 or 80 grain bullet. Usually just 1 bullet hole.

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