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Kalyn Meeske 2008

July 1, 2012 by CouesWhitetail in Rifle Gallery with 0 Comments

Oct. 2008

Unit 22, AZ

shot with 7mm08 at 150 yards

Here is what her father (aka Ghostluvr) said about their hunt:

“My daughter Kalyn often visits this site with me. Having seen the photos and success stories of your children, she asked me to share her story with you. She drew an October whitetail tag this year at the age of 9. This was our only obstacle. She needed to complete the Hunter Safety Program prior to opening day, and after turning 10 (late July). Our local AzGFD Officer worked with us and scheduled a local class in September. Thanks Jarrod! Opening day found Kalyn out of school and in whitetail country. She had brought an MP3 Player (whatever that is) in case she became bored. Didn’t happen! She glassed with me all morning. She even spotted what she thought was a bedder deer (Mickey Mouse cactus pad in the shade). I spotted a spike bedded down and showed it to Kalyn, asking if she wanted to shoot the buck. She stated, “No, dad. I’d like to find something bigger.” Knowing that the buck was probably not alone this time of year, I picked apart the brush surrounding him. I spotted a 2X2 about 30 yards from the spike with only his antlers visible. I was amazed when Kalyn told me she could see the deer using my 15Xs. She said, “Dad, I’ll shoot that buck, but maybe there is another with them.” At about 1030 and with the sun on the bucks, they stood up and started to feed. Kalyn’s buck was with them. She said, “Dad, thats the buck I want to shoot.” I was undecided on what to do. The bucks were 450 yards away, and I knew that they would soon bed in thicker cover due to the heat. The Power of Prayer and Devine Intervention is a wounderful thing. The bucks began moving in our direction. Kalyn had practiced hard, and I knew if the deer were inside 300 yards, she would be comfortable with the shot. We built Kalyn a prone rest without leaving our vantage point. The bucks continued to come, 350, 300, 250. I asked Kalyn if she could see the bigger buck in her scope. She said, “Yes dad. He’s the one raking the tree right?” Sure enough he was. The bucks continued walking straight at us. I was laying next to Kalyn and could hear her whispering, “Come on. Turn broadside! Come on!!” Talk about patience. She had it, I did not! I was ready to throw myself off the mountain! At 150 yards, the buck finally turned and started to feed. All I said was, “Take your time baby.” Boom!!!! What I had waited for since the day she was born was a done deal! I hope all parents felt or will feel what I felt at that moment! Congratulations Kalyn! Oh, I drew a late bull tag and was waiting to see how Kalyn did before I signed it over to her. Done Deal!!! Thanks for reading.”




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