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    Vortex vulture line 'please help'

    I got the Vulture 15x56 in today. I hope to get them out next weekend doing a little coyote hunting. I know they won't compare to a lot of the brands but I am excited to get them out. For $412 to my door I couldn't pass them up.
  2. bigj23

    Vortex 2x Doubler

    Where are you located?
  3. bigj23


    March 19 last year. Hopefully sooner this year.
  4. bigj23

    bino comparison

    I am sure I will cry the swaro blues once I get my vultures but I don't have the cash to spend on them right now. I figure these will get me by for a while and when my son turns ten this will be a perfect pair to hand down with the good warranty. I find what I need with Nikon 10X42's right now so this will be a big step up for me. In a few years maybe I can step up to the next level but for $400 they will do.
  5. bigj23

    bino comparison

    I will let you know when I get mine. Rep from Vortex said they should be here at the end of the month. Going to take them out and compare them to a few different styles when they get here.
  6. bigj23

    Slik 700dx $75

    How long is the tripod collapsed?
  7. bigj23

    Vortex vulture line 'please help'

    I have already ordered a pair. I will let you know how they are. The vortex rep said it should arrive at the end of February.
  8. I just ordered the Vortex Vulture 15x56 HD binoculars. Will the Swarovski Tripod Adapter work with these binoculars? Thanks for the help.
  9. bigj23

    Swarovski Tripod Adapter

    Thanks for the info. I don't care for the vortex adapter so I am trying to find a different route.
  10. bigj23


    Just ordered a set of the Vulture 15x56 HD'S. Interested to see how they stack up against the Vipers.
  11. bigj23

    Father/Son Archery Double

    I can't wait for these trips. I got one Monday and all I heard all week from my son is how he is going to get him a pig when he turns 10. Great story!
  12. I have a Frigidaire frostless stand up freezer. I have had it for about two years and I am the second owner. It has been in my laundry room and works good. I did not get an elk this year and the wife wants to sell it now that we got a fridge with a bigger freezer. There are no problems and it is in good shape. There are a couple small dings in the side. Shoot me a pm if you are interested. $150 obo.
  13. bigj23

    Frigidaire Frostless Stand Up Freezer

    Sold. Pleasure to meet you Evan. Hope you have enough room for all of your kills with the new freezer.
  14. bigj23

    Frigidaire Frostless Stand Up Freezer

    SPF. Thanks for the interest.
  15. bigj23

    Frigidaire Frostless Stand Up Freezer

    West Phoenix, Litchfield Park.
  16. bigj23

    Left Over Results are out!

    Nevermind. I talked to someone. Thanks.
  17. bigj23

    Left Over Results are out!

    I called and used option 2 like posted. It only gave my original draw. Do you have to speak with someone to find out? Thanks for the help.
  18. bigj23

    Left Over Results are out!

    Will it list your original draw tag and your left over?
  19. bigj23

    Leftover question

    Yes to the phoenix office. Look online. There is a specific way they want it addressed. If you mailed it this morning it will be there Monday morning when they start opening them.
  20. bigj23

    Left over tags

    When do you guys normally mail in your left over tag apps? I know it can't be there until Monday. Do you think mailing it Friday morning is too soon? Thanks for the info.
  21. bigj23


    Can you put more than one hunt number on a left over tag app in case your first choice left over is not available? Tried to call on this today but after a 25 min wait I gave up.
  22. I have a Carter Attraction 3 (small) in very good condition for sale. The small fits my hand perfectly (it's not that small, the large is for very large hands). You can shoot it as a pull tension, or a thumb trigger activated release. You draw the bow without depressing the trigger, then press the trigger and hold it in while pulling through your shot, or use it as a thumb trigger. Has a removable pin set up for trigger tension customization, removable ITS magnet system, safety re-cocking lever for ease on let down, and features an open jaw hook for quick and easy loading to a D-loop. It is very easy to adjust and take apart. Has the normal wear from being in a pouch. I was thinking of going to a thumb trigger, and shot quite a few, but really liked this one best. I still prefer my old wrist anchor release. Has an extra large thumb post (makes a big difference) I'm selling it for $135.00 TYD, priority mail, and will take PayPal. Thanks. The link below will show a pic and all parts included. http://www.archerytalk.com/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=1797167&d=1383452529
  23. bigj23

    WTB upright or chest freezer

    I have a stand up I would sell for $100 if you come get it. I am in Litchfield Park. I can send you some pics if you are interested. I had an unsuccessful elk hunt so I don't need it.
  24. bigj23

    Cabelas Two Man Cot Tent

    This thing is an easy set up. My boy and I use one. Not more than a minute to put up or take down. The fly takes about a minute as well. Good luck on the sale.