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    Anyone do security camera installs

    Ya and the cool deal is each camera comes with a wifi puck so you can extend them away from you base signal. I did them on far ends of a 2600 sq house with no issues. I can also turn the lights on remote and talk through them from anywhere i have internet. Over a month now and battery is still half full even with lights coming on and checking them daily for my mules and dogs. really like them so far. We can watch the cabin up north on them remote also. Up there they are more like game cams

    Anyone do security camera installs

    yes they work really well, also you can modify the area they trigger on so you get a nice big view but not all of it will trigger. The app pulls up the view and you can remove squares from the motion side like a bush off to the right or the edge of your drive where kids ride by. The only draw back is if internet goes out they go out. Luckily I still have my hard wired security and cams for back up.

    Parking Outside

    LP steel is your friend for low cost do it yourself, if you want the good stuff Aluma wood shades are really nice and match whatever your house colors are. Ive been trying to talk the wife into shades in our driveway also but i need an RV shade first

    Anyone do security camera installs

    I just did the blink system on my place and love it, motion lights with camera and cloud auto upload is amazing. I can watch my whole property quick and easy and no wiring.

    ram 2500 take offs 250.00

    I have 4 E rated Toyo AT3 open country tires and wheels off 2015 ram 2500. 275/70R18 Tires have some life left in them but are used. No TPS sensors but they are balanced. All 4 caps and some lugs. 250.00

    ram 2500 take offs 250.00

    Ya and I have a whole other set with Nitto tires on them. I have alot of spares.

    ram 2500 take offs 250.00


    Outdoorsmans Palisades 90 bag 150.00

    Green color Bag only for sale, used on 3 trips no issues. 150.00

    wtb 200 amp metered box/panel

    Just go grab one off the many track boxes sprauling out in every direction, the big builders bought everything up a year ago. could you get away with a sub pannel? I Depot had a few in stock this week

    Whitehorse lake

    We had a race at that lake a few years back, 1.2 mile swim and i had to brush my teeth 4 times to get the grit out. haha

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    Finally an all green day for me, been a while. Went in hard this week to the point where i have a little butterfies. We will see.

    Desert Bighorn Sheep Mount for sale

    i would get a new fiance'

    Lake pleasant

    Had this same deal last year, Ive fished Pleasant for 40 years and never seen those until i started catching them last year.

    fish finder

    Its been a long long time since looking at graphs,,,,,anyone buy one recently that they would recomend for bass boat type set up?? Like GPS for sure and transom mount module

    New Mexico apps in

    I see a pending on my application today? Maybe?

    Alamo-any reports

    yum yum

    Alamo-any reports

    ya i figured thats why i mentioned it. i was looking at late april into may and im not going to go without AC.

    Alamo-any reports

    another report is good luck getting into camping areas, i was looking at the resrevations a few weeks back and they are booked solid even durring the week into late april. This was for hook up sites.

    Artificial turf

    me too on the west side

    What’s your 401K doing?

    that fund seems pretty stable and actually has followed the market. Its really tough to make selections, I though for sure It was the perfect time to buy a few months back after earnings hit on most companies so I started adding to current positions and added a few new ones based on 50 percent correction and guess what, bragged on it a few days and bam, down another 10 percent. So bought more shares and then bam, down another 10 percent. Its a viscous cycle right now. I had to cut myself off. Decided I would wait for a few days of gains before buying any more. 401k is still getting funding but holding off a bit for anything else.

    What’s your 401K doing?

    Whats the most expensive per share investment you own? Mine is Bitcoin and Ethereum. Much heavier on the Ethereum side, I have a date set to own 1 Bitcoin then I think im done on that front, just be cool to have one full share. Berkshire class A anyone?

    What’s your 401K doing?

    something to think on when looking for funds to buy. How many share can you get into? For me the more shares the better, if you buy 1 tesla share and it goes up 10 bucks great you made 10 bucks. If you buy a ten dollar share 10 times and it goes up ten bucks well now your talking. VUG mentioned above has been a good performer and my wife is in it pretty heavy but recently it was up in the 320 a share range and we offloaded a portion of that in lue of another fund in the 60 dollar range that owns the same companies just to get the share count up overall. of course the leverage is different in the cheaper fund but so far it has played out well ahead of owning VUG alone just on the share count.

    What’s your 401K doing?

    only a few downsides on the roth 401 along with weather your employer offers it or not. 1- minimum distributions 2- fees are high on most plans 3 - very limited options to invest Roth Ira allows full control with almost zero fees If i could go back I would have maxed out the roth ira every year instead of putting any extra in my traditional 401. I have bought more shares in the last few months than I have in a long time, you never know but if history serves it should pay off in years to come. I just pushed a bunch of cash into the 401 that i wasnt planning on due to the discounted prices of late. When this thing comes rolling out of this hole its going to be smile city. Then it just needs to hold up until im ready to use it, thats the hard part. timing when you want to use the money and where the markets are at that point. One thing Crypto taught me is how to be ok with down swings and instead of getting flustered I just toss another hundred in. Funny Crypto is the only thing Im green on right now.

    Job opportunities

    The company I work for is hiring at all levels. Modern Industries is family owned and we have 4 buildings at about 700,000 sq ft of floor. We do mainly commercial semiconductor work but we also have many aerospace and military assemblies. Machines are all top of the line and the management style is pretty dam laid back. No fast paced whip crackers. If you know anyone from 18 and up shoot me a pm and I can set something up. We are hiring for the following but training is available for anyone who has the drive to work. Many shifts also from days to nights and weekends. Machinist and Chem tech positions will be tougher to get into but the rest can be entry level. This industry is lacking in young guys coming in so it’s a great opportunity, my son started when he was 18 and is now my boss 10 years later. Overtime is typical if wanted. matching 401k at 6 percent. PM if interested or use email below. located in Tempe, PHX feel free to use me as reference , Mike Hughes use the following email to contact HR and reference my name. Mike Hughes DSeehausen@modinds.com Machinists Handfinishers Chemical Techs Maskers Assemblers
  25. I am 100 percent sold on wall tents!! We got hammered with one heck of a winter storm Tuesday. Was a nice reset from desert days. no squirrels were harmed which was to be expected. Not a soul in the woods.