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    Cold squirrel hunt

    no ponies this trip, knew the storm was coming and dint want to deal with frozen leather. was only 5 inches or so but it rained first so would have been tuff riding with that ice underneath. couldnt use the trucks Wednesday even in 4x4

    New Draw


    WTB Instant Hot Water Heater/Shower Propane

    triton makes some for horse trailers that work really well, State Trailer supply has them for like 115.00 Dont own one but have used them in the past.

    Bear Grizzly Recurve

    I want that, I’ll shoot you PM

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    Something to think on hard is Roth tax advantage. For us poor folks the Roth is really the only shelter offered. There is buzz going around that could effect higher income loopholes and who knows maybe current Roth holders as well. Some dingbat hit it big with a back door Roth rollover and bragged about his account now the fed is eye balling the process.

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    Make yourself a chart for income and capitol, I like to know each year what our buffer is over our income before we hit the next tax bracket, this way you know what you can sell short term and stay in say the 24% range.

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    Capital gains over a year held, considered income under a year. Typically under 40,000 capital gains is zero then goes up from there depending on amount.

    Monday Check in

    Meal prep works great. I always eat better and lighter when I prep vs just create something.

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    My best freind is getting into that business, his sister and brother both have cabins in Munds park and Forest lakes. They rent them out most weekends and alot of weekdays and save some for themselves and still pay all operating costs along with mortgages. Seems like a pretty good deal, the 3rd party does all the leg work and a private cleaning company takes care of in between care. They use a 3rd party that runs through all the major short term companies so they are not locked into just one. Pretty popular strategy since the Air bnb craze started.

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    One big issue here is people!!!! I went down this road really young and people really suck, from day 1 I had issues with renters. I was lucky on timing and bought low and sold high on 3 homes but never will I go down the rental road again. Ill take my 10% a year on the market and enjoy stress free life.

    Things that make you go " hmmmm, really"???

    You put your real birthday in online account? Great idea.

    Monday Check in

    Haha I wish, I’ve hiked with you. You can burn someone into the ground without noticing. It’s such a cool hike and really changes your mental set every time.

    Monday Check in

    Took the kids down the big ditch, funny coincidence Flatlander posts up he just got done rim to rim the same day we went to do ours. This is my 5th trip to the bottom and out and 3 times rim to rim with one rim to rim to rim. Never gets old or easier. Amazing place Rafted from Lee’s to mead years back. Already planning trip 6.

    campground safety

    Dang I was wondering where I left those bats at!!!!

    Got it Done Again - Old and Gnarly

    Solid Man congrats

    Monday Check in

    I fast every day from 8pm to 2pm next day usually

    Kudos to Yuma Marine

    Nice work hope it worked out for him.

    22 youth success

    Very nice, great set up for the photos

    Want to join me on this DIY Coues hunt?

    I’m down for next year if you go again. I’ll do the cooking

    Best Daypack Opinions

    Kuiu frame system pick your bag. Cinches down small and it’s light

    ATV hunters running in prohibited areas

    Major annoyance, as long as there are people this will never change. People don’t have enough respect for themselves to follow basic basic rules. items on our last hunt. 1- camp squatters 2- making new trails into camp sites 3- driving through pristine meadows with no road 4- 8 year old kids driving utv solo no helmet 5- shooting guns at night in camp 6- shitting in camp site 7- garbage, found a kill site and picked up gloves, wipes, broken havelon blades, wrappers for havelon blades, and they drove cross country on closed posted old dozer road to get to kill. Parked 40 feet from it and still left garbage. 8- hunters coming in for next hunt plowing into the hills while current hunt is going on. Driving up to water in prime time. Hiking out of a heck hole I hit a two track with three utv and 7 dudes blowing cow calls and bugles while sitting in utv and when I asked they said they were scouting for next hunt 2 days away. It was 11 am. ????? I just said good luck and walked on shaking my head.

    357, 45acp, 30-06, 7.62 brass, bullets, lead ingots

    hey buddy save me some of that lead, ill take like 40 bucks worth.

    Lost Your Rifle?

    On my recent hunt i lost my range finder $$$$ lost a power pack and solar pannel set up $$$$ walked off without my bow twice. haha got lost hiking out in the dark with onx and ribons tied in trees???? I know several guys that left pistols laying after pooping.

    unit 27 early archery

    After 12 years of applying it finally happened, I drew my first Elk tag for Arizona unit 27. I am looking for some help in my planning. I am looking for two things,,,,I would love to find someone in the area where I could board 2 Mules and maybe drop a trailer and be able to come and go a few times during most of September. The second item would be a reliable Packer in the area I could hire for camp haul or Meat haul or both. I have yet to decided how I want this hunt to go, now that its my tag my dreams of packing in and hunting like Im back in time isn't as shiny as it was while reading stories of such adventures. I now know hunting takes a hit when your dealing with stock and trying to hunt yourself. This will most likely be the last time I do a hunt like this for myself and I really would like to give it every chance to be looked back on with no regrets. Basically I am planning on being solo for the hunt and open to the possibility that some help will be with me at some point, I cant plan it that way of course since its really tough to have everything line up for buddies to be able to make it. So if anyone has some intel on either of the help items above please let me know, I had 2 different options lined up from several years ago while learning and planning for this tag but those options are no longer available. Thanks in advance. 1) Packer 2) Horse boarding

    unit 27 early archery

    Hunt was amazing, 16 days in the wall tent. Crazy rut went off the first week or so. Big bulls , bears, bobcats, tons of deer, turkeys. Had so many encounters I can’t even keep them straight. Pull my arrows out at least 20 times and full draw 4 times. In the end I shot a good bull in the shoulder and spent 3 or 4 days looking for him. Pretty much ended the hunt with a broken heart. Got the whole thing on film Don’t know what else to say, everything I could have asked for just missed the shot by a few inches. Never found the bull or arrow and am pretty sure he’s off running around somewhere. Tracked him off into some of the nastiest country I’ve ever been in. Stuff I would never even consider had we not been after him to get closure. Amazing weather and food. My wife stayed with me the entire trip. I forgot for like 3 days I even had a house or job. Mules got to graze on mountain grass every day. Learned a ton every day. Too bad it’s probably my last early tag. Time to beg to go on everyone else’s hunts. 12 years is a long wait.