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    Elk Arrows. KE/Momentum

    Sounds like your tuning issues weren't fully addressed, which can be difficult at best. After tuning my bow, which admittedly took a while, my single bevels don't steer the front end of my arrows, they fly great! My heavy arrows are also not affected near as much in wind as my hunting buddies who still shoot "darts". I've noticed Broadheads "steering" arrows only happens if shafts aren't spined correctly, broadheads aren't mounted straight, or your bow isn't completly tuned to a specific arrow & broadhead setup. As others have shared in the past, I too have seen way too many lost elk shot with fast darts over the years, both fixed blades & expanding. At the same time, I've seen none with heavy setups. And yes, every animal or situation is different, & many fast darts are quick kills, but on average, I'd argue fast darts have accounted for more losses by far than heavy setups, on average, for a variety of reasons. Below is from a unit 8 bull a few years ago taken at 35 yds with a single bevel broadhead, complete pass-through, with sheared ribs on both sides. Notice the "L" cut, typical with rotating single bevel heads as they pass through tissue. This heart-shot bull went about 100 yds in a matter of seconds before piling up. Also note the broadhead was still "shaving sharp" even after taking this animal. For the reasons above, on elk, I'll be using my heavy arrows & single bevel broadheads. Note that on deer etc, I too shoot "fast darts".
  2. 1uofacat

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    the backburn was not that bad in many areas... 2 recent pics, one along fs109 (east/backburn side), the other is JD Dam Lake. FS opened up the backburn areas this past weekend btw.
  3. 1uofacat

    Fu*&^%ing ethics

    BTW idgaf, this isn't an "ethical" issue as its legal based on everything you posted. It may be a "moral" issue, but I agree with your decision to take the animal! Good Job!
  4. 1uofacat

    Elk Arrows. KE/Momentum

    Decent/heavy poundage, very sharp single bevel broadheads, 650+ gr/arrow weight, tapered shafts, elk, complete pass-through on any angle...
  5. 1uofacat

    Enough moisture?

    I did not as I was in an SUV, not my truck. It probably was though... took the loop from Williams, 110, 109, south of Garland Prarie, & out at Parks.
  6. 1uofacat

    Enough moisture?

    As most here can imagine, the rain has done wonders for the forest up here. I drove through parts of unit 8 last night & the meadows that are normally yellow are all green! Some of the tanks are still down/low however. The second pic is of a small drainage near a main road & not a tank. This drainage obviously received significant moisture. edit---- Forgot to mention I also saw 2 badgers on the drive too. They were "frolicking" on the main road, but took off before I could get close enough for a pic.
  7. 1uofacat

    2021 Card Hits?

    btw.... if you get a tag I'll do my best to bring "glass" to your camp... both shot & 15x60s! haha
  8. 1uofacat

    2021 Card Hits?

    I'd really like to believe that
  9. 1uofacat

    2021 Card Hits?

    no, & know quite a few...
  10. 1uofacat

    2021 Card Hits?

    zero chance... only another bonus point for sheep.😒 The coues tag helps though! 😁 ...at 7:07am...
  11. 1uofacat

    How about them suns

    Nice... I'm sitting at 20 myself
  12. 1uofacat

    How about them suns

    Didn’t you just take a ram? That means in 20 yrs you'll have another "legitimate" shot at drawing a RM sheep tag! 😮 edit-------- or was that your dad's ram?
  13. 1uofacat

    Tags in the mail?

    ours came today also, in Flagstaff. no bonus tag stuck to ours tho! 😮
  14. 1uofacat

    Tags in the mail?

    everyone got their tags last week... 😯
  15. 1uofacat

    Best mule deer taxidermist

    If in Tucson I'd visit Lippert/Doyle taxidermy on Ajo way. I personally haven't been there for a long time, but knew Dean Lippert personally. John Doyle passed a long time ago, but he taught Dean the craft.
  16. 1uofacat

    Brown town

    Congrats! heading out Sunday myself. BTW, for anyone coming up, its wet up here now so will likely be muddy this weekend... plan for it. The moisture is great, but...
  17. 1uofacat

    Remember this.....

    Great show, & that FedMart is where one of my older brothers worked for a bit. I also remember the 19cent hamburgers at Sandy's on Kolb Rd. Now I'm dating myself! 🤣
  18. 1uofacat

    Leftover tag question

    5 or 6 years ago my kids & I were applying for a leftover deer tag. A week after the draw we got two of the 3 unopened envelopes back stamped saying we weren't drawn, but not the third. The portal never showed anything throughout the leftover tag process btw. I called the G&F and they wouldn't tell me anything either (said they didn't know). 2 weeks later, still no 3rd envelope back (with a money order in it), & the G&F wouldn't tell me anything saying that they didn't know what happened. A week later my daughter got that tag in the mail... Nothing surprises me any more...
  19. 1uofacat

    BP on the portal

    Whats wrong with that? You have 2 points from not being drawn over the last 2 draws (2020 & 2021), a Hunter Ed pt. & Loyalty pt., totals 4 "bonus points".
  20. 1uofacat

    First trip of the year

    was planning on going out to find sheds this weekend to match up with a November bull we plan on killing in 5bN, but this snow & rain will make it a mess! We need the moisture, but this is a mixed blessing! 🤔
  21. 1uofacat

    Results are up

    Working in Williams now, I'd return the tag if I were you. There are not many elk in 10 this year, seems they've moved to 8 & 9. 😮 😉
  22. The leftover tag list is out now, and it came out after hours or perhaps during the night. That said, given how leftover tag draw works, they take the mail bags & literally dump them out randomly picking out apps one at a time by hand on Monday. Apps MUST BE RECEIVED through US Mail only at first. The problem is unless you are able to physically drop off an app in the Phoenix area today at a US Mail drop-off location, your app won't be received in the Phx office until at least Tuesday. From Flagstaff, one has to drop off their leftover app in the mail the Friday before the draw... which wasn't possible. Two will get the leftover September Hopi tags in 4a (archery bull & cow, prime tags), but not anyone who drops off apps into the US Mail outside of Phx. Therefore, two leftover "Phx area" applicants will be dancing soon! Typically we have a week to schedule/time this, but this year had been... "different"...
  23. 1uofacat

    Missing Bonus Points

    Whoa, I have a log more bonus points for both elk & 'lope! Thanks to whoever donated theirs!!! 🤣
  24. 1uofacat

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    What doesn't make sense is this is entirely a programming issue. They could have/should have programmed the tag fee to go along with the type of tag be that youth, non-res, or multiple hunters etc. ...Unless they didn't want to give $s back based on a technicality.
  25. 1uofacat

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    IMO, that should be the case, but that's not what the rule states. In the past (going back to 2008), we never paid the "adult fee" when being issued youth hunt elk tags. We applied for a few of the September bull tags over those years btw. The one year we did pay the "adult tag fee", my son drew one of those highly coveted September rifle bull tags (he was 15). It was a great hunt too!