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  1. that's a loaded question you may have located a den but how do you know someone else hasn't called their also lets say the day before you tried
  2. bignasty

    Couple More Foxes

    a gun DUH!!!! just kidding
  3. I've used some earth oil in the past from Sportsmans, it's worked for me use it if you like but IMO its a waste of money nothing can beat a coyotes nose 10,000 time better than ours and most of your scent comes from your mouth anyway
  4. bignasty

    predator competition

    there's one in Elgin in Jan. http://www.nwtfhuagoulds.org/
  5. bignasty

    Where to buy ammo?

    try the ace hardware on Houghton they have the best selection of ammo in tucson
  6. bignasty

    First time calling

    http://www.wcp-nm.com/coyotes/index.htm go here and read also check out youtube Tony Tebbe (predator university)
  7. bignasty

    Varmint hunters question

    coyotes are predators NOT varmints
  8. bignasty

    Which .243?

    browning A bolt with Nikon coyote all in mossy oak brush
  9. its a military training area but you can hunt I was out there 2 weeks ago and called in 2 trainees NO PLINKING!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. bignasty

    coyote down

    2nd stand this morning I didn't like the set up so I started to move farther away from the decoy and spotted this one coming in but he spotted me and I was thinking this stand was over. I kept playing cottontail distress and nothing was happening so I tried fox distress for about 10 sec then coyote fight for 10 did this for about 3 min and he came in at a full run looking to kick some butt. didn't work out for him
  11. bignasty

    Non Resident solo hunt questions

    I hunt the 36's all the time when you get to az give me a shout and let a fellow retired coast guardsman show some of our hunting spots
  12. bignasty

    Caribou on North Slope of Alaska

    read up on the porcupine herd and there travel routes when the herd is moving seams like everyone in Alaska shows up to get their share the herd was 500,000 strong when I lived up there 3yrs ago
  13. bignasty


    ive scouted that area and there are NO deer
  14. bignasty

    Don't Leave Home Without.....

    how about a full tank of gas would hate to run out