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  1. 5alivefishing

    Barnes 44 cal 225gr XPB qty 500

    PM sent
  2. 5alivefishing

    Nikon laserforce rangefinder binoculars

    Where are these located?
  3. 5alivefishing

    **SOLD PENDING FUNDS** FS: Glock 45

    I will take it, thank you sir
  4. 5alivefishing

    **SOLD PENDING FUNDS** FS: Glock 45

    PM sent
  5. 5alivefishing

    Nosler long range accubond 6.5 142 grain bullets

    PM sent
  6. 5alivefishing

    Spypoint Game Camera

    Yes, I have one and it works great. You have to pay for the service which is $10 per month for unlimited.
  7. 5alivefishing

    (Sold) Manfrotto Joystick Head

    Can you give me a call please, I will send a pm. Tim
  8. 5alivefishing

    WTB Ruger American Compact stock

    I’m looking for a Ruger American Compact stock for a 6.5CM. If you have one for sale let me know please. Thanks
  9. 5alivefishing

    Burris Veracity 4-20X50 30mm tube

    I will take it. We can work out details. Tim 928-727-0071
  10. 5alivefishing

    Reloading Dies (Sold)

    Nice speaking with you Chris,
  11. 5alivefishing

    WTB SOCOM. Seeing what’s out there

    You might have a look at Palmetto State Armory. They have had them on sale at a great price.
  12. 5alivefishing


    Great ammo out of my Marlin and great buy.
  13. 5alivefishing


    Great deal
  14. 5alivefishing


    PM sent