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  1. 5alivefishing

    WTB hunting rifle

    this one.
  2. 5alivefishing

    WTB hunting rifle

    I believe there is a Ruger 300 WM available on this site. It would be an excellent rifle for the money. They are tough and good shooters.
  3. 5alivefishing

    Mossberg 590 A1

    I will take it but PM’s are down. Try to send me a PM for arranging a meet.
  4. 5alivefishing

    Mossberg 590 A1

    PM sent
  5. 5alivefishing

    SOLD Sig Sauer Thermal Reflex Sight

    How about $800
  6. 5alivefishing

    SOLD Sig Sauer Thermal Reflex Sight

    Sig Sauer Echo1 in very good condition. I believe everything is in the box that it comes with. $850 plus shipping.
  7. If you will ship I will take it.
  8. 5alivefishing

    Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader-Sold

    Great bull👍
  9. 5alivefishing

    Another first for my son!

    Great job
  10. 5alivefishing

    Giant Muzzleloader Bull

    Congratulations, what a bull.
  11. 5alivefishing

    Glock Model 19, Gen 3, 9mm: As new. $425. In Flagstaff.

    That’s a great price, it shouldn’t take long to sale. Good luck
  12. 5alivefishing

    Hornady A-Max 208 gr .30 cal

    (95) .30 cal A-Max 208 gr $30 shipped
  13. Nosler / Winchester Combined technology ballistic Silvertip - 7mm .284 140gr. I have (3) box’s 50 bullets each. $60 shipped.
  14. 5alivefishing

    gear room clean out

    PM sent on suppressor cover.