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  1. 5alivefishing

    Ruger .40 cal magazine

    Magazine’s have found a new home.
  2. 5alivefishing

    Ruger .40 cal magazine

    Returned PM
  3. 5alivefishing

    Ruger .40 cal magazine

    I have a factory Ruger .40 cal magazine and a aftermarket magazine I believe also for the Ruger .40 but not sure. If someone can use them send me a PM and I will get them to you free99,, Tim
  4. 5alivefishing

    Gunwerks Rev-X 28 Nosler

    Very nice,
  5. 5alivefishing

    S&W Classic 629

    I will take it, I sent you my number on a PM Tim
  6. 5alivefishing

    S&W Classic 629

    Pm sent
  7. 5alivefishing

    Rock River AR 223. SOLD

    Thank you sir,
  8. 5alivefishing

    Rock River AR 223. SOLD

    Is it a 1:12 twist? thanks
  9. 5alivefishing

    Christensen Arms MPR 308 20" carbon fiber barrel

    That’s is a great looking rifle.
  10. 5alivefishing

    Remington 700 SPS 223

    Sorry about your wife no longer working. Hopefully things will change soon.
  11. 5alivefishing

    Personal walk in cooler - 700.00

    Text msg sent
  12. 5alivefishing

    Leupold VX-3i LRP 8.5-25x50 Sold

    I will take it, I will send PM if you will ship.
  13. 5alivefishing

    Advice wanted - crazy gun sale

    No go,
  14. 5alivefishing

    SOLD Kimber HS .22LR Bolt Action Rifle

  15. 5alivefishing

    Ruger Mini 14 stainless 580 series $500

    Shouldn’t last long, good luck on sale.