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  1. 5alivefishing

    Burris Veracity 4-20X50 30mm tube

    I will take it. We can work out details. Tim 928-727-0071
  2. 5alivefishing

    Reloading Dies (Sold)

    Nice speaking with you Chris,
  3. 5alivefishing

    WTB SOCOM. Seeing what’s out there

    You might have a look at Palmetto State Armory. They have had them on sale at a great price.
  4. 5alivefishing


    Great ammo out of my Marlin and great buy.
  5. 5alivefishing


    Great deal
  6. 5alivefishing


    PM sent
  7. 5alivefishing

    Big Horn Cape needed

    I appreciate the offers but I hope to host them here at my place in Texas and it’s covered. I don’t have big Whitetail but we have fair 8 points and an occasional bigger buck. It will be great to host them and give back.
  8. 5alivefishing

    Big Horn Cape needed

    I wanted to take a moment and give an update. I would like to start by thanking everyone who provided input. I want to especially think a member on CWT that reached out to me and provided a complete BH lifesize cape to replace mine. This gesture was one of the most generous things I have seen. I continue to be shocked at the generosity. I will make every effort next deer season to square up with him I hope. The cape is being shipped tomorrow and hopefully on its way to a different tannery soon. Again, thank you to everyone. Tim
  9. 5alivefishing

    Texas whitetail meat hunts

    My wife and son say the same thing about the chicken fried steak.
  10. 5alivefishing

    Oakley Sunglasses small frame

    Glasses headed to Colthutton.
  11. 5alivefishing

    Oakley Sunglasses small frame

    I have a pair of Oakley polarized sunglasses with a small frame. These would be great for a kid who likes to fish. Free99 Tim, 928-seven two 7-zero zero 71
  12. 5alivefishing

    Big Horn Cape needed

    I sure hope not because that is out of the budget by a long shot.
  13. 5alivefishing

    Big Horn Cape needed

    Thank you to everyone, just spoke with Josh. He had some good info. We have reached out to G&F reference Expo as well. I appreciate all the help and kind words. Tim Smith
  14. 5alivefishing

    Big Horn Cape needed

    I appreciate the input. We are looking at our options. They have agreed to refund the cost of tanning for the entire order but not a replacement. The other ruined capes are easily replaced (Whitetail, Fox etc.). I will look at the other site recommended, thanks to all.