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    elk in the desert

    They knocked my camera over it was solid mud , im guessing they were rubbing it I hope they don't mess up our tank. Hard to believe they stick around in this low desert .
  2. zukicrazy

    A very sad day!

    I wonder why the game and fish couldn't hook you up with a tag when you get back that sucks
  3. zukicrazy

    cards are being hit

    Dam wish they would get with it
  4. zukicrazy

    Easton arrows full metal jackets 400

    They were bought last year
  5. I have 22 Arrows they are EAston Axis full metal jackets 400. Most are new there 28 inches long asking 150$ OBO there ready to shoot
  6. zukicrazy

    Easton arrows full metal jackets 400

    I love them but I'm shooting the 340 , when I bought the bow they came with 22 arrows that are the 400, and 10 arrows that are 300 , I think he was paying around with what he like best I guess
  7. zukicrazy

    cards are being hit

    I hope we find out this week what we drew .
  8. zukicrazy

    cards are being hit

    I just had my 3rd hit today That's 3 for 3
  9. zukicrazy

    Credit Card Hits?

    I drew a strip tag
  10. zukicrazy

    They're growing!

  11. zukicrazy


    Just got a email from game and fish hope this goes quick
  12. zukicrazy


    I would say you drew a tag and the two points are loyalty and hunter ed?
  13. zukicrazy

    cards are being hit

    I drew a strip tag 13b or 13a and my daughter drew a early coues tag
  14. zukicrazy


    He had to be up to something no good .
  15. zukicrazy

    New additions to our cabin

  16. zukicrazy


    Why do you need to add water ?I have never used water, I wonder if they will hit it more .
  17. zukicrazy

    Mule deer poached ?

    I heard there was a buck killed last December or jan in the rut down in the desert off bombing range . The buck I think it was, is no longer posted on the board Does anybody no any info on this
  18. zukicrazy


    Good luck to all
  19. zukicrazy

    Covert Scouting Cameras

    If you don't mind I love to see a picture how your doing it .
  20. zukicrazy

    Catfish Time x2

    looks like black river
  21. zukicrazy

    Short video of my lily eating bull

  22. zukicrazy

    Flower eating bull!

  23. zukicrazy

    Flower eating bull!

    If you put garlic cloves in the garden they wont eat it .