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    checked my water tank in 21 and this buck and does cam running out of the tank
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    Help in 21

    I stay away from bloody basin to many people .
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    saw this buck with about 10 doe's along way out ,how do you post video clips on here .
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    I was out today in the low desert glasses up 3 herds of mule deer does all had good bucks with them
  6. zukicrazy

    Nice buck on G&F page

    Nice buck
  7. I grew up close to the res and since I was a kid Indian here kill sheep and deer year round never thought about it being wrong but the company I work for moved to maracopi against the mountain of the res and notice they have a cop said he's game and fish always watching that area I haven't got to talk to him but now I'm wondering if it is leagal to kill sheep on the res when ever they want
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    tag in me pocket....

    Good luck
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    Unit 7 Muleys

    Did you find those bucks were I told you to look ?
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    Brothers first deer!!!

    good job
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    Who has 21 muley

    This is the buck I guided the kid in on my buddy didn't have time to stay because of work so we found this buck feeding about 700 yards from me guided them in this is the only picture I have its a 4x3 .It was the kids second buck, last year he got a 2x2 same hunt
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    Who has 21 muley

    We do but my buddy has to send them to me he got them on his phone
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    Who has 21 muley

    Tag out this am. 4point down
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    Unit 7 Muleys

    Sounds like the herd I saw several times in 7 all good bucks but the biggest was real nice 4 x4
  15. zukicrazy

    Who has 21 muley

    I'll be there my friends nephew has a tag I was ask to help glass for them
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    Great bucks
  17. zukicrazy

    Any info on u it 8 for bull elk

    My boss got a call from to older retired cops that he has known since he was a kid they never hunted for elk and ask use to give them a hand but we never hunted in unit 8 there just wanting meat not trophy hunting we ran up today and check a area out in the north west part of the unit around saw tooth trying to find areas to glass from any help would be good .
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    Any info on u it 8 for bull elk

    Dirt road I'll be fine
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    Any info on u it 8 for bull elk

    Realy hard to post while driving haha
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    Question about the Pima res

    I was just wondering seems crazy they can hunt year round I wonder if any laws get broke when they kill rams and cross over to are land
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    My Brothers 160" Buck

    Way to go .
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    It was in 2010 , we have hiked all of buck mountain ever year looking for him, I asked a couple years back on monster mulleys but no luck my boss is heart broken thought I would try it here. The bull was little crazy bugle was not normal, the next morning we heard a bull bugle east of the tank on the buck mountain side around noon but he might have stayed going east he came to a fence and wouldn't jump it and dumped blood ever were he went down the fence line headed south and found a hole in the fence and that's were we lost him .
  23. My boss hit a weird bull on 7 pines tank in 7 west about 4 years ago on the left it was a 6 point and on the right it was crazy and one of the eye guards was huge im sure it' s along shot but every year he goes back looking for him , he hit him real good we tracked him for a while he was headed east from the tank and then we ran out of blood, I was hoping maybe somebody found him. He would like a picture or buy the bull back ,it was are first archery hunt I think we bumped him as he would bed down we waited almost 2 hrs after he was hit but there was so much blood no way he lived thanks for looking we named him crazy horn
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    How Long Can the Meat Hang?

    We let the cow hang in a tree for almost a week it was 19 at night and 50 in the mid day we had her cover with a elk bag and in the shade .
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    unit 7 cow elk hunt

    Had a great time helping a friend son out on his first cow elk it was tuff im guessing do to the moon, we had a lot of chances but the kid was young ,I hiked a big mountain to glass saw a big bull inside the water tank about 2 miles from me sent my friend and his kid on the way and killed one of his cows the bulls were still screaming we saw tons of bulls and for the first time we saw at least 50 mule deer bucks and some were toads dam camera was in my back pack did get a picture of a couple small ones .