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    archery mule deer 5x4 28 inches wide unit 21

    The area we are hunting is crazy the grass is like 3 to 4 feet tall the bucks in that area are bigger than normal but 2 miles down the road everthing looks dry and dead .
  2. zukicrazy

    archery mule deer 5x4 28 inches wide unit 21

    This is the only other photo I have of his ,there were 12 bucks running together they were hitting a water tank that we no of , the road is no longer there ,but the rain changed there pattern so we had to spot and stalk .
  3. zukicrazy

    Unit 22 Muley tag

    He shared mine so I don't care LOL they got drawn there again , 5 years in a row I don't get it .
  4. zukicrazy

    Unit 22 Muley tag

    A friend of mine hunts just past the rosa lake turn off right off the highway , they see big bucks ever year and a lot of smaller bucks also .
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    Nikon Monarch ATB Binocular

    Bow is sold bino' s sold .
  6. zukicrazy

    Nikon Monarch ATB Binocular

    I have a pair of brand new Nikon Monarch ATB Binocular 10X36 I bought and never used im asking 200$ for them I paid around 300$ ( obo) call or text 623-205-5992 Mathews bow LX 29 inch draw, has new 7 pin true glow sight I have 12 brand new muzzy broadhead s and about 6 loose ones I have a dozen arrows I love this bow I have killed 3 elk and about 7 deer with it 300.00$ (obo)ready to hunt needs nothing .I ALSO HAVE A Primos turbo dog used once works good I bought it about 2 months ago asking 120 .00$ obo
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    Good meat processor

    (So, are there any good meat processors in PhoenixIn phx ) I found one on central ave north of broadway nice people.
  9. zukicrazy

    Good meat processor

    928-310-8934 best place we found over the years and like most they wont steal your meat hes right off the 17 in campverde.
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    UNIT 7W Archery Bull Elk

    Yes the bull on the bottom right was hit by someone on the first day while looking for my bull the 3 rd day someone pointed me to this bull it wasn't mine so we just took pictures and then found mine about 700 yards away from this one , nobody claimed the bull but we were on the cow hunt someone moved it about 100 yards away from the body im guessing to go back later but I posted all over monster muleys last year to find the shooter it had same color knock as mine same feathers but it was a Easton arrow someone shot him in the guts way far back.realy sucks it was a nice bull . Another guy hit a herd bull in the throat head on but he never found it same area . We tried that area red mountain last year was areal big herd bull a friend from a guide severce told us about but same problem he must have told everbody with a tag lol
  11. zukicrazy

    UNIT 7W Archery Bull Elk

    I got drawn there several year back as was taught a lot of the area from a guide who has hunted there since he was a kid so we put are work in ever weekend for months but a couple areas we had plan to hunt were several people in them I don't sit water there anymore I don't like fighting over the tanks 3 years ago a big guide service would pass by the tank about 4 times a evening because there was a huge bull in the area my boss hit the bull and those guides were pissed it was a real big mess , I like to call them in but the bigger bull I killed was coming off the mountain in the evenings to feed and there were several bulls so I cut them off and they fed right to me and this is only my 3 rd archery bull so he got into bow range so I decided to shoot him ,next time I get drawn I will hold out for a bigger one but since that was the biggest elk I have killed made me happy also I was trying to help the owner with his tag he wanted a big bull but the bull s we found the weekends before are smart and we couldn't locate them again the last 2 hunts I have been on I was after a bull 8x9 I have missed in twice 2 different years he doesn't score very good but he is a great looking bull ,My boss ended up shooting the little guy because the hunt was dragging out to long and we had to get back to work .My bull was 380 but after deductions he scored 360
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    12 gauge remington Wingmaster Model 870

    sale pending
  13. Wingmaster Model 870 300$ 2 3/4 shells 623-205-5992 text or call
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    12 gauge remington Wingmaster Model 870

    bump 275$obo
  15. zukicrazy

    UNIT 7W Archery Bull Elk

    I had 3 big bulls I was on everday 390 plus range I scouted for 2 months every weeked here a couple of bulls from 7 west
  16. zukicrazy

    UNIT 7W Archery Bull Elk

    I scouted the north east of the unit doesn't look to good, ponds have little to none water I like buck tank but its bone dry hibben is bone dry indian has some water in it looks like it hasn't got much rain .I was told by a couple guys that the Kendrick area area has got the most rain , I don't have a tag I was just looking for a friend that has one plus my other buddy has 2 cow tags .
  17. I have a new turbo dogg I got for my birthday and I already have one so im going to sell one asking 100$ text or call 623-205-5992
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    FREE Air Conditioner

    Any idea what ton it is I need a 5 ton bad .
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    mule deer velvet pics

    Scouting in the desert yesterday
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    Lion In a Hole....

    Nice video, there would be no way I would climb in there after it ,we camp in a area that must have a lot of them because we always see them day or night .just north of phx
  21. zukicrazy

    Found a new water hole. Well I made it instead...

    I have built a couple that catch water and store it, but seems to take a while for them to hit it but when they do they wont stop .
  22. zukicrazy

    Seeking Predator Calling Tips

    Can you call all day or is it best in the am or pm thanks .