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  1. 11 hours ago, bustedknuckleinc said:

    Well every time I take my boat out people are zig zagging all over the lake.  Nobody follows the rules and nobody is there to make them.  Always having to pull in cowbells.😂🤷‍♂️



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  2. 28 minutes ago, azbirdhunter88 said:

    All good now. Bracket broke that holds brake line and the rubber hose rubbed on tire until it exploded. Anyone with a ford look at them and put something on as a backup if yours breaks ever. Could be a very bad deal. 

    I've had that Ford brake bracket break, and I kayak. But I've never had it break kayaking.

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Lv2hnt said:

    Hadn't intended to post this, but this fire thread primed the pump. Can't believe people's stupidity! Well ...

    Got back to my overflow dispersed camping spot at Big Lake about 9 p.m. Memorial Day. "Healthy" campfire going at campsite about 90 yards away. Had no idea who was there (previous campers I'd befriended there had left earlier that day), so thought it best not to approach that evening. Hopped into bed, only to watch side of my tent light up every 5-6 mins about 4-5 times as stuff was thrown on the fire. Could hear voices and laughter.

    Next morning I got up about 5:30, stepped outside to see two individuals breaking camp. Strapped my .357 on and walked over with phone in hand and immediately took photo of fire pit with active smoke. Also got photo of them packing up camp with car and smoking fire pit in-frame. Two guys in early 20s, N. Mexico plates on vehicle. Confronted them about the fire. Their response: "Yeah we knew, but we got cold." Asked them if they were going to put fire out. They said they'd poured all their water on the fire and that it'd be okay (see pics).

    Waited 'til they closed trunk (to see plate #), so I could take photo. Driver jumped out and started rummaging in the trunk. Told him to take his time, but I WAS taking a pic of his license plate. Boy, did he get really apologetic all of a sudden! After a short conversation, they drove off.

    All this took place before the wind picked up. Took me 10 mins, a shovel, and 7 gallons of water to seriously kill all the embers. Also picked up all the cans and bottles they'd left in the fire pit.

    Stopped by FS office in Lakeside on way home. Left my contact # for FS LEO to get in touch with me. He did by email and said he'd do his best to follow up. I sent him pics in reply (I've omitted the ones here of the car and people).

    I was actually up there fishing on a Thursday in 2011 when the Wallow Fire started. FS came and chased us away from just north of Crescent Lake, then came with a posse the next morning and closed down the entire Apache Forest. That was a crazy/scary time!

    Back to today --- we can't get tags to hunt in N. Mexico, but their younger generation can come over and leave unattended fires burning! Of course, way too many similarly mentally challenged Arizonans out there now as well. Chaps my hide!

    More to come (unfortunately), I'm sure.

    Rant over, fingers crossed ...


    Fire - BigLakeB-2020.jpg

    Fire - BigLakeC-2020.jpg

    Be careful Tom.

  4. 8 minutes ago, jdown said:

    If it helps, we used a in home euthanesia for the first time and dr was absolutely amazing and brought some peace to know she was comfortable until the end.   Happy to recommend her.    

    If it's in the valley, please pm me the number


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  5. 2 hours ago, 360 0r Better said:

    Make homemade dove stew, cut the breasts up into quarters add to the frying pan with real butter, garlic clove  and wherchester suace cook them up about half way on low heat to let all the flavor sink in then add to your favorite fixings of your choice for stew in the crockpot . Let simmer for about 8 hours and you will change your mind.

    Gimme about an hour's notice before it's ready.

  6. 18 minutes ago, el diablo said:

    I actually liked them like that but marinated them in olive oil and garlic first. I quit hunting them for years because I didn’t like the taste of them. 

    You're a good cook, I know this firsthand. I loved dove hunting in my youth, taught me to shoot good, pick up my empties and reloading.too.

    Then came migratory stamps, ammo restrictions and dove taste like crap when ma wasn't here to prepare it.

  7. Wow, that's one powerful pellet gun, great video footage. I'd still take the videos down, pretty sure the mean moderators can help.

    If those were collared dove, they misplaced their collars somewhere. God bless, bro.

    I'm curious, to anybody eating the Collared Dove, taste any different than Mourning or Whitewing? I got a million Eurasians here, they look awfully tender, juicy. Never cared much for the other doves.

  8. On 4/14/2020 at 7:48 PM, Huntmoore said:

    I love this thread....for me, my knives remind me of so many stories! My Puma Whitehunter is from 1969, but my dad bought it for $20 at a Ham Radio gathering him and I were at up near Munds Park 30 years ago.  The stag handled CaseXX is from my grandpa, who used to be a Case dealer in the family furniture store in KY.  The small skinner also came from my grandpa, made by a local knifemaker who (I believe) is no longer around....John "Grizz" Morgan.  Finally, the red Victorinox seems like no big deal, but is my favorite story.  It's the first knife I ever got, given to me by grandpa as we were working on the roof of his motor home (I'm guessing I was 6 or 7).  I'm not especially known for keeping track of things, so the fact that I was able to keep from losing this knife through high school was a miracle. When I was 18 or 19, I was fishing Page Springs (up near Cottonwood).  I fished the whole day and covered 1+ mile wet wading down the creek. When I got back to the truck, the knife was gone.  I remembered using the scissors to trim tippet through the day, but had no idea where I had it last.  I was heartbroken.  A little over a month later, I was back fishing Page Springs again.  At some point, I just happen to glance down into a riffle and catch a glimpse of red.  Sure enough, it was my knife.  After a good soak and some brushing, she was cleaned up and brand like brand new, and I made sure to keep her tucked safe somewhere to pass on to my own boys with the story!  





    Really like the grinds on the Puma up top.

  9. MulePackHunter is always finding gate crashers. Couple years ago.it was some clown on Hard Scrabble Mesa. The clown drove down a fence line (no road) that separated Natl Forest and Wilderness, then busted thru and drove on wilderness (Cedar Bench) in order to park next to a stock tank.

    Hope he was reported, I never seen so many deer stands and game cams. Surely he was photographed.

  10. 6 hours ago, northAZarcher said:

    How do you get lose IQ points? Read some of Delw's posts... 

    You think some internet keyboard warrior hurt my feelings? Please!! Just like to call out ignorant A holes when others don't. 

    Funny that I have the same views on immigration as a racist. I'm just adult about my views...

    Someday you might get there to little fella!

    Too, two, to. Are you including grammar Nazi's in your critique?