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    2003 ford f250 7.3 diesel

    My '95 7.3 has 350K
  2. Edge

    Portable ozone generator

    Ozone is a toxic, unstable gas. Combine that with the thin oxygen where you're going and you're going to hurt yourself, family. Take CouesFanatics advice and rethink this.
  3. Edge

    Happy 72nd Birthday

    To all Coues wingnuts and freedom lovers in general.... Created 18 Sept 1947
  4. Last May, two men parachuted out of a WWII Gruman Avenger, just south of Whiteriver, AZ. They were flying the antique plane east when they experienced engine trouble and had to bale out at approximately 800' AGL. Plane was lost by radar just south of Mt Baldy and hasn't been seen since. The owner is offering a $20,000 reward for the GPS Coordinates of the crash site. Happy hunting and don't forget to split the reward with me. https://www.wmicentral.com/news/apache_county/a-tale-of-survival-and-the-search-for-a-lost/article_c249ee52-d03a-5c5f-8ca3-979d37feda32.html
  5. Edge

    Happy 72nd Birthday

    The Aardvark, damned beautiful bird! Cannon AFB?
  6. Edge

    Happy 72nd Birthday

    The greatest generation, Bob!
  7. Edge

    Hey hunters, $20K reward *update*

    Still missing...... I received this email from the owner yesterday.... Now I don’t want to send a person on a goose chase, but I personally believe that someone (a group-hint) has covered it with trees and branched, to hide it from aerial searchers. Maybe look for a suspicious huge clump supported by trees moved, broken out sheared off, or a swath path where the airplane would have run trees down. I think THATS THE ANSWER. Because no one is seeing anything on recent Google Earth so far…hmmm. We would probably see it. Ron
  8. Edge

    The best part.

    All our broths and soup begin with bone stock.
  9. Edge

    Happy 72nd Birthday

    When testing for rank or when competing at base level honors, they always ask you when was the USAF born. Your son should have no trouble remembering. Congrats! What's his job?
  10. Edge

    Anyone solder electronics?

    Not entirely certain about the connection but pretty sure you can go around that clip by finding or making a "clip" that goes to the battery terminal.
  11. Edge

    Happy 72nd Birthday

    One more vid, worth watching.
  12. Edge

    Anyone solder electronics?

    One of my coworkers lives in Mesa, he might be interested in some sidework. I'll see him Friday. Post a pic.
  13. Edge

    Any metalheads?

    I can beat that, Willie and Waylon 1976, Tucson C C.
  14. Edge

    How Was Your Day?

    Silly, elk don't fish.
  15. Edge

    Looking for Ford rim

    Need a Ford 8 lug 6.5" pattern rim to use as a spare. Can be 16", 17" or 20" in steel, aluminum or alloy, doesn't matter. But has to be the old pre Super Duty '99 wheel pattern. Thanks
  16. Edge

    Looking for Ford rim

    Valley of the sin.
  17. Edge

    Hunting in the whetstones

    Yup movie got it wrong. Iron Springs stopped flowing after an earthquake there in the late19th century.
  18. Edge

    Hunting in the whetstones

    One of my favorite units for whitetail. The Coues will often bed down in ocotillo thickets. Talk about history...on the far north end of the NF grazing lease in the Whetstones on Sands Ranch Rd, just before Sands private property, is an old windmill. On current maps it's call Mezcal Springs but in the 19th century it was Iron Springs. Many historians believe this is where the infamous shootout between the Earp posse And Curly Bill Brocious's Cowboy gang took place. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Brocius
  19. Edge

    Heads UP!! UPDATE $30K

    I was delighted to hear the POS wouldn't shut his mouth when he came out and was quickly tased. Me and a couple others test and coat the control boards on these Axon T7's used exclusively by LE. Hope it was one of mine lol.
  20. Edge


    Good point, scumbags have no boundaries. This happened to me in 27 when I was a kid. The way I looked at it, not worth it and I keep to hunt on.
  21. Edge

    Where Am I?

    Found another this morning, but where?
  22. Edge

    Where Am I?

    With 4x4 you can drive to this one north of Morristown
  23. Edge

    Desert tourtuse found. Pictures added

    They're a little smarter than expected too. I put two on the porch and boarded up the stairs but they still escaped. They found two pickets in the wrought iron enclosure that were just wide enough apart to fit through sideways, even though they'd have to tuck and roll off the porch to gain freedom. In their enclosure, they've learned to come out of their burrow for treats when they hear the gate rattle. My Heeler went into one of their underground tunnels and got stuck, we spent hours digging him out. PS they think dog turds are tasty tootsie rolls.
  24. Edge

    Where Am I?

    I can give you simple directions to one
  25. Edge

    Where Am I?