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    I not only use it for hunting, I use it for prospecting and looking at real estate. Probably like the OnX more than the OnXTrail but they suckered me into using both.
  2. Edge

    Covid 19 SUCKS.

    Unrelated but I was in a similar boat. He'd asked to buy a generator off me and kept changing the dates to pickup. I was feeling a little peeved wondering wth, waiting day after day but kept quiet. Then his sister out of the blue sent me the horrible pics of his forklift accident. What a horrible, painful wreck. Was truly humbling.
  3. Edge

    Solar powered well system

    PM sent
  4. Edge

    Hydro dipping

    KE firearms in Tempe feature a lot of flags on their ARs. I don't know if it's done in house or...? Give em a call.
  5. Edge

    Covid 19 SUCKS.

    Prayers sent. No one should have to go thru so much. 2020 has been a tough year.
  6. Edge

    Effects of the virus scare?

    For me this meme is really a satirical on testing and how the numbers are skewed for political gain. A small segment of the population will pay dearly for contracting the virus. Where as many others will contract it and never know. Far as my nephew goes, he was first tested, results lost. Retested negative, retested positive days later. He had his underlying health issues. Funny how the husband of my niece, both RNs, has tested positive for Covid (1out of four tests in 4 days comes back positive) while my niece has not tested positive. They both have the same symptoms of the same illness and have to take the same time off work. The tests are so unreliable, why bother. So yeah I'll keep posting memes I find amusing.
  7. Edge

    Wanted Quad!

    Can't hear the phone over the gf noise?
  8. Edge


    I was wondering the same. Some newbie regenerated an old thread he'd commented on so I clicked on his home page, he was on in April. Maybe Woody caught him shopping a fireworks stand in Payson? Haven't seen Winmag300 (or something similar) in awhile either.
  9. Edge

    What am i?

    Walked out on the back porch about 430a this morning, looking for enough light to tack up without steppin on a rattler. There before me was a spectacular sight you'll rarely get a glimpse of but maybe once every couple decades. She was a silent specter unbound by earth or heaven, had a long graceful tail that was being chased by the rising sun...then gone.
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    What am i?

    I can see that any morning off the front porch.
  11. Edge

    What am i?

    Nope, gotta work tomorrow
  12. Edge

    What am i?

    It's like jazz: You know it when you hear it. And if I have to explain, ya won't understand, bro.
  13. Edge

    What am i?

    Not mine. Should be able to see HER again in the morning but hurry, she's in retrograde like a tempered misstress.
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    What am i?

  15. Edge

    What am i?

    Nah, last one of those I seen was by your house.
  16. Edge

    What am i?

    Huh uh. Nope.
  17. Edge

    What am i?

    No sir
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    What am i?

  19. Edge

    What am i?

    No but that would be cool
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    Lee's Ferry Walk In Question

  21. Edge

    Lee's Ferry Walk In Question

    There is a path past Lee's House that takes you upstream. I caught a few last September fly fishing, then put the flys away and murdered them with a Castmaster spoon. Shame all but a couple had to be released.
  22. How low are the serial numbers on the Renegade?
  23. Edge

    Polles fire (west of Payson) Helicopter down.

    A dream job turned nightmare. It's a sad thing.