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    AZ Meteorite

    7:19am Sunday morning just moments before sunrise, a meteor streaked across the AZ sky. It's trajectory was from east to west, South of 20A. The accompanying sonic boom registered 3.2 on the Richter Scale. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone whom witnessed or heard/felt this event.
  2. Edge

    AZ Meteorite

    NASA has used Doppler Radar sites in Flagstaff, Las Vegas and Phoenix, etc; to triangulate the meteors likely strewn field. Larger masses travel farther. NASA believes portions of the meteor will be several pounds each. Toggle navigationMETEORITE FALLS PRESCOTT, AZ DATE/TIME 2/16/2020 14:17 UTC LAT/LONG 34.717562 -112.747969 STREWN FIELD This is an estimated landing site map for this fall, color coded according to mass. Red is kg-mass meteorites, scaling down to yellow single-gram stones. SUMMARY This event was a probable meteorite fall that occurred at 7:17:29 AM local time on 16 Feb 2020, or 16 Feb 2020 14:17:29 UTC. Events are recorded as “probable” if they produce well-defined signatures of a meteorite fall in weather radar imagery at the time and place described by eyewitnesses, but no meteorites have been recovered from the event to date. The fireball was an especially loud daytime bolide which left a lingering smoke trail. Sixty-nine eyewitnesses reported it to the American Meteor Society across Arizona. Eight eyewitnesses reported hearing sonic booms from the falling meteorites. Radar evidence of the fall is sparse, but the few radar signatures found provide reasonable evidence that a fall occurred based on velocity and other data product signatures. Meteorites have not been recovered from this event. This event is recorded as American Meteor Society event number 795 for 2020. Signatures of falling meteorites can be found in imagery from one nearby weather radar with certainty, and possibly from two more. In the NEXRAD weather radar network operated by NOAA, the KFSX (Flagstaff, AZ) and possibly the KESX (Las Vegas, NV) and KIWA (Phoenix, AZ) radars record signatures of falling meteorites. The first appearance of falling meteorites on radar occurs at 14:18:58 UTC and 16,400 m above sea level (ASL) in the 1413 UTC data set for the KFSX radar in the 3.12 degree elevation radar sweep. Signatures consistent with falling meteorites appear in a total of possibly seven radar sweeps from the three radars, with a final signature appearing at 14:38:40 UTC. This final return appears a full twenty minutes after the event and may be fine dust. LEARN MORE American Meteor Society event page RADAR & MAPS RADAR SUMMARY This composite image shows all the radar signatures from falling meteorites as blue/gray polygons. GET DIRECTIONS Click on the View larger map link that is displayed in the address box above in order to get directions to the strewn field area. Complete List of Events ABOUT ARES Our mission is to protect, preserve, and distribute samples for study from the Moon, Mars, and nearby space in the support of solar system exploration. Learn More DR. MARC FRIES Dr. Marc Fries, the website manager of Meteorite Falls, is a planetary scientist within the ARES Division at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. NASA LINKS No Fear Act Privacy Policy & Notices Freedom of Information Act Agency Financial Reports Office of Inspector General CONTACTS Eileen Stansbery Responsible NASA Official Bryan Modders Website Curator Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science This website is best viewed in portrait mode on mobile devices. THANK YOU!
  3. Edge

    AZ Meteorite

    Most are the size of pebbles, not this one. It broke up in the atmosphere and three main bodies are filmed thousands of feet above Prescott.
  4. Edge

    AZ Meteorite

    Yeah something that size should have kicked up a little dust. Somebody with a motorized hanglider would have a foot up on the crowd. Guys are finding meteors on dry lake beds using easy flights.
  5. Edge

    AZ Meteorite

    I'm figuring out how to go back two days and look at the Doppler radar loop from the time. Would have been a lot easier to access them had I done it Sunday.
  6. Edge

    Welder needed in EV

    Me 2...Oy vey, always on the far East side
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    New Member Here

  8. Edge

    Anyone been to Reavis Ranch since fire?

    MulePackHunter hiked in last Nov, I went up 7 mile wash. He had to go in past Reavis School, as the A.Trail is closed. PM him
  9. Edge

    Where am I 2/15/20

    Probably a spring house or root cellar.
  10. Edge

    Broke ankle in 16A need help

    I hate falls. I hate them so much I never leave the vehicle without a walking stick, been faithfully carrying one for many years. And I have excellent balance but don't want to end up injured if I can avoid it. I not only look like a tripod, I'm about as stable. Almost a year ago exactly I was out hiking Turret Peak, a softball sized rock strewn path when despite my diligence, in a flash I was on my back. There on the edge of a wilderness, miles from any road I sat up and luckily, felt fine. Another cheap, sometimes unavailable insurance plan, I had kept the antenna towers from Crown King in sight. Had I walked a path in the valley below me, just as rocky but zero cell reception in an emergency.
  11. Edge

    USDA Heber horse territory draft plan 2/14/2020

    How to tell a feral horse from a nonferal horse?
  12. Edge


    Yeah they just wanted to have a peek at the guns owned by the Branch Davidians too. Don't get me started on Ruby Ridge. How'd that go for a lot of innocent, freedom loving Americans?
  13. Edge

    Multiple rifles for sale

    Seconds on the 61
  14. Edge

    Broke ankle in 16A need help

    This is how I imagine that rescue going...
  15. I have some merchandise I'd like to get down to Tucson soon. Anyone in the valley heading that way?
  16. Edge

    Anyone heading down to Tucson?

    Sounds like a good time, Mat. I got the detector sold locally.
  17. Edge

    USDA Heber horse territory draft plan 2/14/2020

    our grandfathers would have swung a loop, saddled and swung a leg over
  18. White's Gold Master is an outstanding detector capable of finding the smallest pieces of gold, silver and can discriminate between ferrous and non ferrous metals. Control box can be mounted on belt or slung from shoulder. Finds coins and relics too. I'm surprised by how many coins are lost around campsites. $220 open to trades partial trades.
  19. Having owned one, I think you're the aire apparent. But seriously, last chance for valley folk. Got it sold to a dealer who wants it in Tucson whenever I can get it down there. That dealer tells me it's the best detector he's ever owned. Much easier to sell it here in the valley, though.
  20. Edge

    Anyone heading down to Tucson?

    Thanks bro I'll keep that in mind. PM me your number again, I'm terrible about keeping numbers. Hoping to get that metal detector down there ASAP.