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    still available?
  2. 34Bhunters


    is this still available?
  3. 34Bhunters

    WTS Ruger 257 Roberts Sale Pending Funds

    Sold or still available?
  4. 34Bhunters

    Two Ruger M77s for Sale

    are both of these still available & just rifles no scopes what would you take & curious if you have any ammo or brass for the 7mm Mag?
  5. 34Bhunters

    Fs Ruger M77 243

    is this Ruger m77 in .243 still available? how firm @$550 are you? does it come with any ammo or brass?
  6. 34Bhunters

    Ruger 77 pulled

    The Ruger M77 in .270 you are asking $525 for how much brass are you including? is any of the brass nickel plated?Any ammo included?
  7. 34Bhunters


    has it sold & can I ask for what recticle does it have?
  8. 34Bhunters

    Remington 700 25-06 price drop 950$

    is the rifle still available just the rifle and is the $950 firm or obo?
  9. 34Bhunters


    Are the 30Cal 125gr Sierra Gameking Tipped still available?
  10. 34Bhunters

    Gear clean out

    Firm on the 6.5 PRC Brass?
  11. 34Bhunters

    Minox BL 15x56 Binoculars SPT

    yes your inbox is full or you cant receive messages? anyways is the $450 firm or obo?
  12. 34Bhunters

    Winchester M1 Garand

    Is the M1 Garand still available?
  13. 34Bhunters

    ***SOLD***WTS: 30-06, 12 gauge ammo

    Has the 30-06 ammo sold?
  14. 34Bhunters

    Winchester 94/ Ruger 77

    Is the Ruger M77 in 30-06 for $650 Still available?
  15. 34Bhunters

    ruger m77 .338 win mag

    is this still available?
  16. 34Bhunters

    Ruger m77 30-06 stainless paddle stock.

    is this still available & if yes have any pictures?
  17. 34Bhunters

    WTS: Clearing out a few things

    Ruger M77 SA stocks?
  18. 34Bhunters

    WTS: Clearing out a few things

    Have any Ruger model 77 Stocks?
  19. 34Bhunters

    Polaris tires/rims off load

    Have any pictures of the 8 12" rims?
  20. 34Bhunters


    22-250 Brass is both brass brass or is the win brass with nickel plating?
  21. 34Bhunters


    Price for all and if we meet or I come to you?
  22. 34Bhunters

    Shooting/reloading Items

    forepaw curious if you could send pictures of 30-06, 308 Brass and if you might have 22-250 or 300wby magnum brass?
  23. 34Bhunters

    Pop up camper

    Pop up still available?
  24. 34Bhunters

    New Savage 30-06

    Still available?