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    15x56 Swaros for sale

    Sent you a pm
  2. Shimano Curado DC 151HG fishing reel. Bought the left handed version on accident and never could get use to it. Used it a few times but still looks brand new. Don’t have the box for it. $150. Located in anthem but travel around for work.
  3. Rackhunter

    Zeiss Conquest 6.5x20x50MC

    I have a Zeiss Conquest 6.5x20x50MC for sale. It’s been a great scope but have to many and don’t use it. $550 obo
  4. Rackhunter

    Zeiss Conquest 6.5x20x50MC

  5. Rackhunter

    New Mexico

    BC777 let me know when you figure out how to hunt them and let me know lol drew a tag for the first time as well.
  6. Rackhunter

    Taylor Takes Her 1st Muley

    Great write up and congratulations to you both.
  7. Rackhunter


    What lance said. I have all three Harris. I use the one I feel is gonna be the best for where I'm going. In a perfect world would be prone with the 6-9
  8. Rackhunter

    Early Archery Bull

    My dads the one with the tag and I'm already finding it hard to stay focused at work.
  9. Rackhunter

    What was your most memorable Az Hunt

    Hands down my dads 13b hunt last year. We took on the strip DIY on will never forget it. Will never forget the excitement on my dads face as we walked up on his buck on the 2nd to last day
  10. Rackhunter

    Another how big is it?

    85-86, great looking buck. I love the big heart shape bucks but those super tall bucks look awesome
  11. Rackhunter

    2016 Governor's Tag

    I believe that is the 2015 governors tag, but yeah that's a heck of a bull
  12. Rackhunter

    166 3/8

    Wow!!! Amazing buck and amazing mount
  13. Rackhunter

    Huge 5X5

    Those big 5x5 are awesome
  14. Rackhunter

    6a early November hunt

    I would spend as much time as you could right before the hunt, which can be tuff when your about to be gone from work or whatever it may be for the actual hunt. Never hurts to scout at any point but if you scout around the same time frame as the hunt the better. Elk all over the unit but I would look low
  15. Rackhunter

    Tags are in the mail

    Norteno you can get a new one, I thank they charge you a few bucks but I could be wrong
  16. Rackhunter

    antelope bonus points

    I thank flatlander questions your more then likely because yes your right 5b has more tags then 6a but 5b is one of the best rifle goat tags in the state which draws a lot bigger crowd, either way congrats and I'm jealous
  17. Rackhunter

    12AW or 12BW ?

    I like 12aw but have hunted both and both can produce a big buck, I thank 7 points was the bonus round but I could be wrong. I would say 12aw would be alittle more friendly in your case. Which ever one you draw just spend some time in there and learn the country. Lots of factors on those hunts to consider like weather ,migrations and hunt pressure that you won't really know till the hunt starts. Either way you and your dad will have a good time and make some memories. Good luck
  18. Rackhunter

    Finally drew a 3a/3c early archery bull tag

    Congrats on the tag, pretty sure my dad drew the same tag. Maybe we will see you up there
  19. Rackhunter

    *~*~*Custom HS Precision 300 Win Mag*~*~* SOLD

    Sweet gun there
  20. I have a Remington .257 wby mag and it shoot good but it's pretty light and likes to jump all over the place. It doesn't kick bad just jumps.i like to track the bullet on my other guns and it's impossible with this one and it's hard for me to get back on the target or animal very fast. So I figured a muzzle break might help that. Any concern with this gun shooting differently if I put one on? Took along time to find the right load for this gun and it shoots sweet so I don't want to screw that up