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  1. desert archer

    2013 elite pulse

    Sold it
  2. desert archer

    2013 elite pulse

    I can also change the draw length if need it's at 28"
  3. desert archer

    2013 elite pulse

    2013 Elite pulse 70lbs limbs it's pulling 74lbs Has a aae DOA drop away rest Winner choice strings replaced a few months ago maybe70 shots on them 10" beestinger stabilizer with side bar bracket Monkey tails on strings Teflon cable slide This bow is smooth drawing and it's a rocket! I'm shooting a385 grain arrow at 74lbs and 28" draw 316fps and a 418g at 304 Asking $675obo
  4. desert archer

    WTB. Lincoln 185 tig

    I know this a long shot, but maybe one of you have a lincoln 185 tig welder laying around and want to get rid of it. so pm me if you have one!
  5. desert archer

    Archery sight opinions for Mathews creed

    Spot Hogg either the Hogg-it if you like a long dovetail or the hunter same sight just no dovetail. These two sight are the only fixed pin sight that have 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment.
  6. desert archer

    Winchester model 70 30-06

    Winchester model 70 30-06. Everything is matte black comes with a Nikon 3x9x40 scope, bi pod and two box of shells. I'm to busy with archery and don't need this gun anymore asking $650 obo located in Surprise,Az
  7. desert archer


    Where's the pictures from the hunt?
  8. desert archer

    Winchester model 70 30-06

    Winchester model 70. 30-06, everything is black comes with as Nikon 3-9x40 scope bi pod and two boxes of shells. This gun has only been shot a couple times to sight it in and has been sitting for a couple years now. I'm to busy with the sharp stick don't need it. So that being said I'm asking $650 obo located in Surprise,Az.