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  1. Would like to do a trade should there be anyone interested..
  2. I am being told you have your message blocked.. I can not open it.
  3. I would not be willing to sell... sorry. but am willing to trade for the Federal 215 M send me PM with your contact info and location
  4. bobdds

    6.5 creedmoor eldx

    I will buy the brass and the bullets for that price. I will send pm
  5. I scored some hard to find 250 round cases shotgun target loads and am selling what I can't use at my buying price. must be picked up in Queen Creek, can not ship. 20 g Nobel 2 cases of 8 shot and 2 cases of 7.5 ( 1210 velocity on all 4 cases) priced at 150 $ each 12 g Fiocchi 1 case 8 shot, one case 7 1/2 shot Nobel 2 cases 8 shot and 2 cases 7 1/2 shot ( 1275 velocity on Nobel) 125$ a case is 10 boxes of 25 shells or 25o total per case: I got no bulk discount paid full tarif so no bulk discount.. SEND PM DONT REPLY TO POST.. and which and how many be very explicit brand name and shot size please..i will use the message time stamp for first choice. I will up date each evening after work.. I can not check email during the work day so please be patient.
  6. I have a jug that I bought and now do not have a use for it.. this is new powder, a recent purchase.. paid 200$+ will sell for 200. Powder is available for pickup in the Queen Creek area.
  7. I have the bolt as described.. 350$ you can use in either long or short receiver, any T3 including T3X this item can ship, no FFLrequired.. I bought this new and ended up with two of them, this one is surplus
  8. bobdds


    PM on the EL 10x42 Range
  9. US 869 8 lbs new unopened recent production 170$ Queen Creek area and are not shippable anywhere.... contact me via messages or post questions in topic
  10. bobdds

    WTS New Unopened 8lb US869 Pickup only!!

    You got it. Can you send me direct contact info and we can set up delivery. Thanks
  11. bobdds

    WTS New Unopened 8lb US869 Pickup only!!

    rl 26 is gone
  12. bobdds

    WTS New Unopened 8lb US869 Pickup only!!

    Excellent you cam pm me please or check your messages for contact info. Thank you
  13. bobdds


    I looked it up yes it’s in Az. So if you still have I would happily pay your price
  14. bobdds


    Where is Vail? Do you still have it. I would take I if it is so I can get it. Thanks
  15. SOLD SOLDI have two heads, used, for sale. These have nicks and scratches but still function perfectly, used them right up to this weekend. The two heads plus two small and three large plates for 175$, plus 12$ Priority shipping. Sell as package ONLY, PLEASE DONT TRY TO SPLIT IT UP. Earliest PM by time stamp. Shipping
  16. bobdds

    44 Mag Tripod & Jim White Head PhoneSkopes

    Do you still have tripod and head?
  17. Like new binocs including Alaska guide chest harness in camo. The Outdoorsmans stud and mounting adaptor. I have Jim White head on older Outdoorsmans light tripod. I have original box and documents and factory case. I can send photos as desired. Package price 2200$ pay pal preferred. Buyer pays insured priority mail shipping. Contact me direct. bobdds@ gmail.com
  18. The Items is sold to Yotebuster.. thanks for the interest.
  19. bobdds

    15x56 Swarovski SLC binos

    Scuffs and wear on armor. Outstanding glass. Selling for 1510$ shipped http://feed1.tinypic.com/rss.php?ua=NpykqXcFQ756GFn3D%2Bv%2F%2Bw%3D%3D
  20. bobdds

    15x56 Swarovski SLC binos

    http://tinypic.com/a/38rqc/1 correcting picx link I hope!