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  1. gritism

    Relaxing day out calling....

    Excellent way to spend the day! Great job!
  2. gritism

    Morning with the boy!

    Great job calling them in! 10 yard shot will get your adrenaline going!
  3. gritism

    10 year old Grand Nephew’s First Elk

    Thats a great sized cow! Great job to him on keeping his cool and making the shot.
  4. gritism

    Morning with the boy!

    What are you using for your shotgun load? I was going to use a 3in size 4 shot turkey load since its held a good patterned out to 40 yards. How far out was the coyote?
  5. gritism

    Coati down!!

    Great day when you bag quail and a coati! I imagine cooked to the right temp with some seasoning it would make a good meal.
  6. gritism

    Coyote and big bobcat

    Huge cat! Good job on the coyote too!
  7. gritism

    Morning with the boy!

    Did you take the coyotes with the AR or shotgun? Solid job!
  8. gritism

    Christmas Eve Cat

    Excellent job! Great looking cat!
  9. gritism

    Regs are out

    How about archery 7W Bull with 7 points and rifle unit 7 Antelope with 7 points? Thanks!
  10. gritism


    Uhhhh what? Monty Python! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrzMhU_4m-g
  11. I don't know how they are going to "actively oppose access to our lands for this purpose." when they manage 200K acres of land. I almost want to go predator hunting during that week to show support... and kill some coyotes. http://tucson.com/news/local/pima-county-opposes-predator-hunt-on-county-lands/article_4ffa9605-757a-5fd8-8b87-86451ae09576.html
  12. gritism

    2014 Elk Review

    Some amazing bulls!
  13. gritism

    Bobcat Down!

    Fox first, now a bobcat?! I am impressed! Great job!
  14. gritism

    draw question

    I always put the same hunt down for all spots for good measure, even though I know that the unit I want will never be drawn as a 3rd-5th choice spot.
  15. gritism

    2 Pigs Down!

    Nice skulls!