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    Access in 35B

    You can access 799 from hwy 83 near mile marker 15. Harshaw Rd and 58 are still available, I drove it last night and saw campers off 58 and harshaw
  2. G_E_E

    Unit 10 no luck

    We just got back from there yesterday. Only elk we saw was Saturday morning when we bumped a herd right before light. Couldn't really tell exactly how many, we could hear some bulls bugling and glassed some bulls up at light but never saw the cows, definitely was fustrating. Then we found a dead cow that the people that killed it didn't take the backstraps off of. The hardest part of the hunt was definitely trying to get away from hunters.
  3. G_E_E

    Unit 10 moisture

    I'll be headed up to unit 10 this weekend for my dad's cow hunt. I'm a little nervous with all of this moisture and the dirt road situation. My dad's truck isn't 4x4 and he'll be towing my pop up, I have a 4x4 and will be towing a SXS. I wanna try camping off FSR 124 in the kaibab NF if possible. Anybody live near the area or hunted the area in these conditions?
  4. G_E_E

    Unit 10 moisture

    Thank you for the info, it's calmed me down a bit. During my e scouting it looked like nice dirt road so figured that was my safest bet. Are there a lot of camp sites off of it?
  5. G_E_E

    Tag Soup

    I too had to eat tag soup this year with my first archery bull tag. It was very tough driving south and second guessing just about everything I did during the two week hunt. Beer and liqour definitely helped, along with remembering everything I learned. The best remedy was my son harvesting his first elk with his junior cow tag opening day.
  6. G_E_E

    Tough hunt

    Well. I hit it hard in a very tough unit 7E. First week was super hot and almost no bugling action at all. A few unsucessfull spot and stalks and miles of hiking was about all I did. The best bugling action I got into was Monday through Wednesday on the last week in the mornings. I got within 50 yards of a nice 6 point herd bull but just didn't have a shot with him running around, then finally was seen by one of his 20 cows. Later that day I was lucky enough to have a bull come into my buddies cow calling. I shot him, unfortunately my arrow glanced off a tree limb and only penetrated about half way on a quartering away shot. Bubbles in the blood told me I hit at least one lung. Between a day and a half we tracked blood for about 800 yards, but a culmination of rain 10 minutes after the shot and the charred black ground we were tracking on left me without a recovery. I'm still sick about it. This was my first time being able to hunt bull elk. With that being said, if there's anyone who will be in the area hunting in the future and happen apon a rotting (I believe 5 point) bull, please let me know where so I can check and see if by some miracle it's mine. Congrats to all who were successful. Attached are a picture of the arrow and the ground I had to track on.
  7. G_E_E

    Tough hunt

    Wow!!! What part of the body was that arrow in? Congrats on your successful hunt.
  8. G_E_E

    Tough hunt

    Awesome, that's about all I can ask for now. Crossing my fingers for a miracle.
  9. Yup, it's a pretty big Minning operation. Been going on for a few years now. Lots of vehicle traffic on harshaw and FSR 49 now. Like AZlance said, new major minning roads constructed and some older FSRs are closed to the public.
  10. G_E_E

    Tough hunt

    Yup. I'm still trying to work that out. My kid has a cow hunt in 6A, if that's goes really well and he tags out early I should be able to give it another go.
  11. G_E_E

    Still at it in unit 8

    Good to hear another hunter grinding it out. I been in 7E since day one, been really quiet until this morning (cooler weather). So been failing at some spot and stalks from glassing. But seems they are now more vocal, I was within 60 yards this morning of a bugling bull but too dark to see or shoot and they moved on. 3 more days!!!! I been down but not out.
  12. G_E_E

    2018 Bugling Bulls

    7E has been pretty quiet, doesn't seem to have flared up quite yet. We found a nice 6x that was solo an walked away from cow calls.
  13. G_E_E

    Unit 10 Cow Elk

    I will be there helping my dad hopefully harvest his first elk. We're hoping to find some secluded spots off the ranch, on public land though. We never hunted this unit or this type of cow hunt (700+ tags). Preparing ourselves for the crowds. Good luck!!!
  14. G_E_E

    WTB 14ft utility trailer

    Looking for a 6ftx13ft, minimum, single axel trailer with ramp for a 4 seater ranger. I'm located in Tucson. Thanks for any help.
  15. G_E_E

    WTB 14ft utility trailer

    Yea, I been seeing that. It can be cheaper if I buy privately to save on taxes, but I still have my eye on some new ones that I might pull the trigger on.
  16. G_E_E

    trail cams...NOT FAIR CHASE

    Welcome to public land hunting, like mattys said the only way to get away from crowds is to get away from roads. The 5 guys showing up at a water hole is going be solved very quickly and easily by the first guy to get there, that's if the other hunters have any ethics. Always have a plan ABC...etc
  17. G_E_E

    onX 1 year membership $17.99 on camofire

    Use promo code "elktalk" to save 20%. Total is 23.99, at least it's something.
  18. G_E_E

    Ryobi Generator

    Pm sent
  19. G_E_E

    2018 antler growth

    Yea, I heard someone saying that antler growth has more to do with genes than moisture. But a drought can effect the the density/strength of the antlers, resulting in more busted up racks. Makes sense to me.
  20. G_E_E

    Picked up a surrendered tag👍

    Founds some cows on my scouting trip, so I at least know of an area where to start come September 14. So many roads here it's hard to get away from one without getting closer to another.
  21. I was lucky enough to be the next person in line for a surrendered 7E September 14-27 archery bull tag. I have not hunted this unit before but cannot wait to get out and scout in two weeks. This will be my first elk hunt. I will only have my pickup for the scout trip, so wondering what the roads are like? Or if any one can give me tips on hunting this unit when it comes to the varing topography. Any info is much appreciated, thank you.
  22. G_E_E

    Picked up a surrendered tag👍

    Thanks for the info recurveman, do you have a picture of your bull? How long ago was your hunt?
  23. G_E_E

    Picked up a surrendered tag👍

    I believe you lose your points.That would make sense, just wasnt sure. Oh yeah to the original question...my buddy had 7E early archery last year and said it was the hardest elk hunt hes ever had. Trouble finding elk, much less bulls. Yes you do loose points. I'm preparing myself mentally and physically for a arduous hunt. However it goes I'm gonna have a good time.
  24. G_E_E

    Picked up a surrendered tag👍

    How did you do on your hunts out there?