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    How bout them Devils!

    Awesome win for the cats!!! 1.Handed ASU first loss 2.won rivalry game 3.Beat #3 ranked team All in one game!!! That's gotta sting a little for ASU🤣. But at the same time y'all should be used to it.
  2. G_E_E

    Best skinning knife

    Same here
  3. G_E_E

    Blocking FS Road !!!

    That's a awesome idea, I'll keep that in mind if I ever come across this.
  4. G_E_E

    Comparing Vortex Binos

    I have been using the 15x56 vultures for a few years now and the clarity in the middle of the FOV is great but the edges are not. I went with those instead of the vipers because of the 56mm objective lens. Only other draw back to the vultures is the weight. I think if you can afford the razors then go that route.
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    Watch where you're stepping..

    I usually save my ammo and just throw big rocks at their heads or find a big stick.
  7. G_E_E

    AZGF Restrict Use of Trail Cameras

    My opinion, 1/4 mile is extreme. I think 200 yards would be a more reasonable number. Plus, how do they define a water source? A seep? A wash that holds water anytime it rains? Irrigation ditch/line? Water spigot? An area of a wash that may hold water 1/2 the year? A mud puddle? I heard that the law will be for no cams within a quarter mile of a "man made" water sources.
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    New shocks

    This will be the first time I am going to attempt myself. Looks pretty simple after watching a few you tube videos(famous last words). From the looks of it some wrenches/rachet set and a clamp will get the job done.
  9. G_E_E

    New shocks

    Thanks for the input, I ordered some Bilstein 5100s. Can't wait to put them on.
  10. Looking for something that will sleep 6 to 8. Ideal if it came with a stove and floor but not completely necessary. Located in Tucson, but can meet or drive further if need be.
  11. G_E_E

    WTB canvas tent or something similar

    Yea I was think about a 12x20 at least, and yes was gonna look into bunked cots. Thanks for the info, I am hoping to find a decent used one to keep the cost down. I have also done some research on the Cabela's Alaknak 20x12 tent as a possible alternative to a canvas tent because of the cost. Any one here have first hand knowledge/experience with this tent? I have read lots of good reviews but it will be nice to hear from someone that has used it here in Az upnorth.
  12. Has any one used this sight? There aren't any reviews online yet.
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    Yes do this!!! People that do that crap need to be exposed.
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    Trophy Ridge fix 7 sight

    So is the shiny plastic distracting while aiming?
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    Deer Leftovers

    Yea!!! Stay north of I10, waaay to dangerous down south.
  16. Has any one used this sight? There aren't any reviews online yet.
  17. G_E_E

    For Sale Ruger M77 Mark ll

    How long is the barrel?
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    Card Hits

    Lucky SOB's. I keep checking back to my account in denial. 😞
  19. Kill them all!!! He's lucky he got the babies too. dang pack rats cost me $1000 on AC repair.
  20. G_E_E

    First archery harvest!

    You definitely deserved that bear with all the time and effort you put in. Congrats again brother.
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    Pics of the tent?
  22. G_E_E

    WTB Reliable used 4x4 truck

    Awesome trucks made for off roading from the factory, wish I was able to afford one back when I was shopping.
  23. G_E_E

    Santa Ritas are burning...

    Its mainly burning the dry buffalo grass. As long as it doesn't burn any structures its not the worst thing to happen. The burned area is going to be the nicest, greenest terrain after the monsoon.